Monday, June 27, 2016

Independence Day : Resurgence Review

I went in theaters yesterday to see Independence Day : Resurgence and although i was really waiting for it i have a mixed review about it. As usual with each Roland Emmerich movies special effects were good and storyline had some flaws but what annoyed me the most is a casting problem. Some of the actors of the first movie were there and they're all great professional actors from Jeff Goldblum to Bill Pullman and with a special mention to Brent Spiner. All of them were fine and "saved the movie". The problem is with the young actors fighting with their jets against the aliens. Some of them are so young that it creates a serious problem of credibility, specially when they're supposed to be U.S soldiers. And i will call this a "Hunger Games" problem. They probably cast them to target the same age audience but sorry, for me, it didn't worked one second. That say, the film is pleasant, though the first one was better.

By the way i've read that Emmerich signed a deal with Universal recently for a new catastrophe movie titled "Moon Fall" and, yes, it will be about our satellite going out of orbit and threatening to crash on Earth: "A group of misfits will unite to try to save humanity when the Moon falls out of its orbit and starts to hurtle towards our planet".

I choose the ID2 poster above showing the destruction of London, which happen in the movie. Emmerich had a good instinct on this one as the release of the movie fit perfectly with what happened last Friday and this incredibly stupid Brexit and its upcoming consequences for the United Kingdom.

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