Friday, September 23, 2016

"Brooklyn Amusement Park" by Polo and Pan, Directed by David Tomaszewski

Here is something fascinating, and i was waiting since months that this short video would be at last available online. Last year Paris famous department store Le Bon Marché  had a Brooklyn exhibition during several weeks. And they asked french musicians Polo and Pan and director David Tomaszewski a special video creation, which is the one you'll see below titled "Brooklyn Amusement Park".

Brooklyn Amusement Park shows a fictitious Brooklyn in which the roller coasters would run around the streets and over the roofs along with other amusement park rides. There is more as well as a short storyline, but the perfection of the visual effects ( done in France by Mac Guff ) makes the whole thing truly fascinating to watch, and a true work of cine-art. Don't miss it, and definitely watch it full screen!

Video: Copyright Polo and Pan, David Tomaszewski

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