Monday, September 12, 2016

Disneyland Paris Adventure Isle Reopens After 8 Months of Renovation!

At Disneyland Paris, Adventure Isle reopened after 8 Months of intensive renovation and Disneyland Paris News released more official details about it.

Daniel Delcourt, Chief Operating Officer at Disneyland Paris, celebrated on 9 September the reopening of Adventure Isle, after 8 months of major refurbishment. We took the opportunity to discover a rehabilitated area and the work achieved by a number of teams who joined forces to amaze our guests.
“These last two weeks have been quite busy, to say the least, as the teams worked 7/24 to comply with the deadline for the reopening”, Frédéric Clain, Project Coordinator in the Parks Operations Product Integration team, confided. While checking the island 48h before H-hour, reviewing each detail and taking notes, he gave us a tour of the facilities. Whether it was a new coat of paint, a renovation or a total replacement, the scope of the works is impressive.

La Cabane des Robinson

La Cabane des Robinson, the focal point of this refurbishing operation, required the most work. But the result is worth it. The entrance to the treehouse, the staircases, the fishing nets and the lighting all look brand new. The Cast Members have a new reception post with an ergonomic desk that offers more comfort. Each tree scene is dazzling as every accessory has been repainted, repaired or replaced by the teams from Central Shops and Euro Disneyland Imagineering. “Our biggest fans will even notice little differences!” Frédéric comments. Guests will not miss the central element of the Cabane, the large water wheel– back to its original splendor – that will help the water flow once testing is 100% complete within two weeks of opening. Disneyland Paris landscape artists completed a remarkable horticulture task, redesigning the perspectives, and putting trees and bushes on a more realistic scale.

The northern part of the island This area is another large works area on Adventure Isle, and hosts secret hiding places and coves where pirates from all over the world come to hide their treasures. Considerable work was carried out on the rocks themselves, as specialised companies filled gaps and repainted and sculpted the indoor and outdoor artificial rocks of this real labyrinth. Waterfalls throughout the island were brought back into service, some of which had not worked since shortly after park opening. The themed lighting was replaced to improve both the visibility and the atmosphere. The light effects in Ben Gunn’s Cave were renewed and those of the water falls were refurbished as lighting throughout the island modified to LED. Most of the twelve walkways connecting the alleyways were treated with anti-slip products.

The Galion des Pirates, at the foot of Skull Rock, the huge rock in the shape of a 12 m tall skull, was repainted by the Central Shops team and its sails are spic n’ span. The Central Shops team also renovated Plage des Pirates, nearby, with a major cleaning and paint job.

“It is not only for the show that we did all of this. It also allowed us to reinforce accessibility where possible, and reduced safety issues”, Frédéric explained to us. “For example, we modified the ramp to La Plage des Pirates and made it accessible. There are also many small details, such as additional emergency and evacuation lights, reinforced lighting, anti slip surfaces, and a greater number of themed nets.” All these items help to insure the safety of our guest and Cast Members.

“As of now this work environment belongs to the Cast Members. They will make the venue’s history come to life”, Frédéric states. “All those who worked hand in hand to see this project through, from Euro Disneyland Imagineering to the maintenance teams, including those from Horticulture, Safety, HST, Custodial and Park Operations are proud of the result. This project is a perfect testimony of the quality of the experience we wish to offer our guests.”

D&M will be back on this reopening with an exclusive photo report but in the meantime don't miss this video from Max showing Adventure Isle at its reopening. Watch how all waterfalls of Adventure Isle are now working, the new lighting in the caves, and more!

Pictures and text: copyright Disneyland Paris


Matt Hunter Ross said...

Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Something I noticed: there used to be two identical lanterns inside Skull Rock, located directly in front of both "eyes". Those two lights were carefully positioned so that guests on the opposite shore would have the illusion that the skull was staring at them.
One of these lanterns (the right "eye") has been replaced by a higher one which makes the "gaze" of the skull look quite odd.