Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Disneyland Paris Update ! Adventure Isle Reopens After Eight Months of Revovation

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And now let's move to the parks! At the entrance of the Disneyland Paris park, maintenance work is underway on the roof of the Disneyland Hotel. By the way, a new restaurant will open early 2017, located at the Castle Club with its panoramic view of Disneyland Park, The Founders Restaurant. The latter will have its card developed by the star chef Arnaud Lallement, best chef in France in 2014 and owner of a 3 stars restaurant in the Michelin Guide.

Main Street station get back gradually the original EDRR (« Euro Disney Resort Railroad ») medallions, but the new access to the panoramic terrace with the installation of a rope, is already banned. 

Let's move towards the castle!

The park's Castle comes out of its refurbishment after nearly one month of painting. We'll note traces of mold in the moat and the stone bridge to the Castle due to this summer weather.

In Fantasyland, the attractions Les Voyages de Pinocchio and Mad Hatter Tea Cups are closed for refurbishment.

This week, the Disney teams put the final touch to Adventure isle before its reopening this weekend, after more than 8 months of a major renovation.

This weekend, the whole Adventure Isle reopened for DLP visitors with all lighting (223 points) replaced with Led technology. The waterfalls are now working and thanks to the works on Swiss Robinsons Tree mechanical animations are back after several years of absence. Unfortunately, this renovation is not totally completed as the section of the wrecked boat didn't had a rehab, although it greatly needs it. The foliage of the Swiss Robinsons Tree would have also required a major renovation while the straws roofs are now synthetic. This isn’t a complete renovation due to chaotic financial results of Disneyland Paris this summer and the months before. This has forced DLP to realise a minimal renovation. Only the woodwork and security systems have been completely revised.

It is often said that you can see Paris Eiffel Tower silhouette from the top of Swiss Robinson Tree when the sky is clear, and here is the proof!

Some pics of the new lighting inside the caves of Adventure Isle.

Max did also a video showing all what's new in Adventureland!

At Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain is now completely repainted, only a few elements of the outside decor and other electrical installations remain to be fixed. Work will continue on programming, tests and infrastructure inside the mountain.

The elements of security on the rooftops of Frontierland will soon be completed.

End of renovation of the façade and the roof of the « ESTABLISHED 1861 ».

On Discoveryland, early works on the roof of Space Mountain are underway. With sanding of the structures on the dome before painting.

At Star Tours, the scaffoldings are being installed on the future point of characters meetings to create a dome on the building during the works ( probably in view of the works during the winter period ).

At Walt Disney Studios park the entrance zone will be repainted in several phases, like here with half of the entrance closed.

On the Place of the Stars, fences appeared as they remove trees that would have blocked the view on the Tower of Terror during the night show of the Star Wars « season of the Force » ( January to March 2017 ).

And that's it for today's DLP update! Max will be back soon with a new update. In the meantime you can still order the DLP book only for 75€ ( + 15€ shipping ) and pay with the Paypal button below and send me an email with your order at: 

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Chris Mayhew said...

Alain, just got back from a trip to DLP, and Adventure Isle reopened on my last day there. Was looking good. However, one thing I must say about DLP that is terrible, is the smoking! I can't believe Disney lets it happen - yes there is designed smoking areas, but no on cares about them, and the staff don't enforce it. For a place where thousands of children come everyday, its a disgrace. Smokers themselves too should be embarassed just smoking in front of other people. DLP need to fix this asap.