Friday, September 30, 2016

Europa Park Announces "Project V", Flying Theater Attraction to Open in 2017

Europa Park announced yesterday its big "major" attraction for 2017, and it's a flying theater ride like "Soaring" with two flying theaters and a capacity of 1400 guests per hour! The press release, pictures and videos below tells you more about it. It will be the second flying theater attraction to open in Europe in the next months - with the one at the Futuroscope opening this December - and i still can't believe that Disneyland Paris missed to be the first one to open a "Soaring" attraction when they could have done it since ten years ...if the WDC would have been willing to give DLP the money to build it.

Europa Park press release: "The dream of flying will become true! From 29 September 2016, visitors to Germany’s largest theme park can discover much more about the new major attraction – the largest ‘Flying Theater’ in Europe. In the newly opened Preview Center in the German Alley, numerous models and images give an informative insight into the most expensive individual attraction in the history of Europa-Park. Project V will be completed during the course of the 2017 season and will whisk its passengers away into the wonderful world of the aviation pioneers Egbert and Kaspar Eulenstein. After a tour through the impressive facilities, the command is given in the theatre halls: Fasten your seatbelts and be ready for take-off!

The Eulenstein brothers, both scientists, were fascinated by flying machines from an early age. Their lives were dominated by sketches, studies and experiments with the aim of taking flight themselves one day. In their laboratory no stone was left unturned to make their childhood dream become reality: To fly as free as a bird, at any time and wherever the wind carries them.

The major attraction, which is currently being built under the working title of Project V, will allow visitors to be part of the technical achievements of the aviation pioneers. The 140 passengers spectacularly glide through the air in the two theatres in chairlift-style gondolas. On the 21 meter screens guests will admire visuals from landscapes and metropolises in Europe, which are co-produced by MackMedia and Ambient Entertainment. Special effects such as wind and water will create an intense atmosphere in the 16 meter high domes – providing for a very real and breathtaking feeling of flying.

Largest Flying Theater’ in Europe

Numerous models, videos, pictures, illustrations, and text panels in the Preview Center, also christened the ‘Mack Bank’, provide a deep insight into the new major attraction. Project V is the most phenomenal attraction of its kind in Europe. “With this great investment, we are convinced that we will present our guests with a huge hit”, said Europa-Park owner Roland Mack. “The experience factor will increase yet again with this unique attraction. “In the ‘Flying Theater’ a maximum of 1,400 people per hour can look forward to a breathtaking film, which MackMedia has produced in collaboration with Ambient Entertainment and which shows a spectacular flight over our continent”, added Michael Mack, managing director of MackMedia.

Highly technological camera systems that are unique in Europe were mounted on helicopters and drones and captured sensational footage in the highest quality. Best sound quality in the two theatres is guaranteed by a state of the art surround sound system by IOSONO, allowing to customise the sound to each individual gondola.

Europa Park released three videos showing the making-of "Project V", one about its architecture, one about the storytelling, and one about the movie making. Plenty of concept-arts to see in the videos!

Project V is the first building block of the ‘Adventure Club of Europe’ with which visitors to Europa-Park will be able to discover and experience a whole range of adventures." More to see and read on the Project V website HERE.

Pictures and videos: copyright Europa Park

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Mark Sharp said...

It is unfortunate that DLP didn't do it first and it is equally disheartening to read that Europa Park is adding yet another Disney knockoff. Still I do not believe the Walt Disney Company can be expected to just throw money at a consistently underpreforming and very expensive to build and maintain park/resort. The last big thing -"Remy" did not boast the numbers that significantly and they have been spending money to restore the integrity of what is there already.