Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Young Chinese Programmer Embezzled over 1,700 Electronic Tickets to Shanghai Disneyland,

Remember when i told you that when it's about counterfeit "nothing stops the Chinese"? Well, the true story below of a young programmer who embezzled over 1,700 electronic tickets to Shanghai Disneyland is pretty eloquent as you'll see. From CRI English:

A young programmer surnamed Bai has been detained for embezzling over 1,700 electronic tickets to Shanghai Disneyland, reported on Monday.

Taking the advantage of working in an IT company which provides technological support for Shanghai Disneyland's online ticket-selling system, Bai managed to get access to the system's backstage data including the resort's sold electronic tickets.

Through the loophole, Bai begun to change the dates of the sold tickets, starting from late June, and then resell them to scalpers for profit.

Officials with the resort only realized it may be an internal theft case after many visitors arriving at the resort found their electronic tickets had already been used. These visitors all reportedly bought their electronic tickets on Through the IP addresses of the computers logging into the website, the police later tracked and arrested Bai at the IT company. A number of scalpers selling the fake electronic tickets were arrested later.

Initial estimates show that Bai illegally acquired over 1,700 electronic tickets to the resort from June 27 to July 20 and earned nearly half a million yuan (around 73,500 USD) after selling them to scalpers. The economic loss for Shanghai Disneyland reached over 870 thousand yuan.

Prosecutors in Shanghai's Pudong New District said they believed that Bai illegally possessed public property and so they approved his arrest.

Shanghai Disneyland has now upgraded its online ticket selling system and promised to cover the cost of those visitors whose electronic tickets were embezzled.

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Anonymous said...

That's probably the reason why when I was there last month, there were Disney staff members stationed right after the turnstiles surveying people about where they purchased their tickets from.