Saturday, October 8, 2016

Legendary French TV Figure Pierre Tchernia, Friend of Walt Disney, Dies at 88

A legendary figure of french television, Pierre Tchernia, passed away today at 88. Incredibly sympathetic and having an astonishing memory of the whole Cinema history he was beloved by French audience since 60 years and had participated to French television since its creation in 1948. Along creating many famous TV shows about Cinema he was also script writer, movie director, and much more. He was the one who introduced the original Zorro TV series to French audience in the 60's.  I had the luck to knew Pierre Tchernia personally a long time ago and he has always been extremely kind with me, back at a time when i was in my twenties.

Pierre Tchernia knew well Walt Disney and in this rare1962 short interview you'll see him with Walt introducing "The seven dwarfs soup" a sequence that was not included in the final Snow White movie and totally unknown at that time.

Each year at Christmas, French could see the famous "L'Ami Public Numéro Un" TV show ( Number One Public Friend ) or SVP Disney who was all about Walt Disney animated films and spectators could choose which clip they would like to see first.

Below, a short clip showing one of the SVP Disney shows which was aired in December 1966 shortly after Walt passed away. That was back in in the 60's when french television was still in B&W, a long time ago...

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