Friday, December 16, 2016

Disneyland Paris Big Thunder Mountain Re-Open Today After 13 Months of Renovation - Full Pictorial Report and Ride HD Video !

After more than 13 months of renovation, Disneyland Paris Big Thunder Mountain was in soft opening this week and the "grand re-opening" is TODAY, Saturday December 17! The result of the renovation is stunning! All props, animated or not, are back. And the adventure is even more epic due to the explosive final of the ride. The cleaned, repainted and colourful mountain looks better than ever with new vegetation and effects fully reviewed. The theme of the whole ride has been strengthened for our biggest pleasure!

Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster shot pictures yesterday and here they are below, but before, something important for my FRENCH readers: Please don't miss the important message at the end of the article!

The great news is that all the antique machines and props found by the great Imagineer Pat Burke in the American West and that guests can see in the queue decor are completely renovated and look great and are working! It's really sad that Pat, who passed away exactly two years ago, is not anymore with us to see it...

All aboard to discover the new explosive ride final!

Here is the video of the full renovated ride filmed by Max yesterday!

At the exit of the ride, guests can purchase a picture shot during the drop with the water effects, here is how it look.

Big Thunder Mountain won't be the only one to re-open today as the Molly brown resume its cruises on the Rivers of the Far-West! And, goes what, after an eternity the Geysers are back! Stay tuned to D&M for pictures of all this soon!

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Pictures: copyright DLP Welcome

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