Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Disneyland Paris War Story: Details to die for

I've got something great for you tonight, and even if you know everything about Disneyland Paris making, you surely will learn amazing facts in this article posted by the great Imagineer Eddie Sotto himself. 

Eddie Sotto was the show-producer of DLP Main Street U.S.A and he describes how he and his team had to rush to get everything ready for DLP Grand Opening on April 1992 after they loose one year due to the first concept of a Main Street in the 1920's and the Jazz era that was finally not approved. For the story, Michael Eisner told Eddie later that they did a mistake and should have given the green light for the first concept! Definitely don't miss that article HERE!

Pictures: copyright Eddie Sotto


Brandon said...

Are there any pics anywhere showing the original concept art of the 1920's jazz era Main Street for DLP?

Alain Littaye said...

Brandon, i will re-post a previous article done with Eddie about this Main Street concept that never was anytime soon!