Monday, January 9, 2017

DCA Tower of Terror Tribute : "Terror tracks", a Twilight Zone Ride Concept by Joseph Pojunis

Disney's California Adventure Tower of Terror closed its doors forever last week and Disney fans were there for the "final check-out". Joseph Pojunis, also a great fan of DCA TOT did a great tribute to the closing of DCA Tower of Terror. He made in video a ride titled "Terror Tracks" inspired by the TOT, but as a train/coaster instead of an elevator. He went as far as calling Mark Silverman - who did the voice of Rod Serling in the attraction - to do the voice acting!

As Joseph says in the video presentation: "Terror Tracks is an homage to Tower of Terror, created as a form of carrying on the legacy of the popular attraction.

The goal for this roller coaster was to follow similar beats to Tower of Terror, while still being a unique attraction. To accomplish this, I've taken iconic moments from the real ride (The "hallway" scene, the "wave goodbye" scene, etc) and re-profiled them to fit a new theme. In this setting, riders of an underground subway train are sent plummeting into the Twilight Zone via a rickety old track inspection vehicle.

One aspect of this project that I'm particularly proud of is our voice actor, Mark Silverman. As some of you may know, this is the man who voices all three of the actual Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror attractions at Disney's California Adventure, Disney's Hollywood Studios (Florida), and Disney's Hollywood Studios (Paris)."

Video: copyright Joseph Pojunis


Robert Cologne said...

Well made ,thanks for sharing

Mark Taft said...

This shows the kind of creativity Disney used to be known for!