Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Disneyland Paris Update : Last Tours for Space Mountain Mission Two, Pirates of Caribbean Original Version, and more - Plus: First Footage of the WDS Star Wars Projection Show !

First Disneyland Paris update of the year which began with the closure for a few months of two of DLP main attractions which will reopen this Spring with new theming or additional effects. Here we go with plenty of great videos from Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster!

Space Mountain : Mission 2 close forever at Disneyland Paris on January 8 and in April a unique version of Hyperspace Mountain titled Star wars Hyperspace Mountain : Rebel Mission will open during the 25th anniversary and will probably stay for several years!

Max has filmed a HD video of the last tour of Mission 2 and here it is!

Disneyland Paris released a new visual for the upcoming Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain : Rebels Mission which also show the new design / colors of the trains - as changes on the trains are expected and will reduce the G-shocks during the ride which is good news!

January 8 was also the last day for Disneyland Paris Pirates of Caribbean ride in its original version. The ride will close until July and will re-open with the Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics and new special effects. It was the last POTC ride of all Disney parks still with its original version, and to say the truth, i'm not sure it's a real good idea to don't keep it like it was. The only good news is that if one day they want to bring back the original version they'll be able to do it easily, something that won't be that easy to do with DCA Tower of Terror currently being transformed at California Adventure in a Guardians of Galaxy ride...

Max also has filmed a video of the last rid elf the original version of DLP POTC, and here it is below.

Final Curtain also for the Nighttime show « Disney Dreams! Of Christmas » ! On march 25, 2017, it will be the turn of the classic and original version of « Disney Dreams! » to make room for « Disney illumination » the new show for the 25th anniversary.

Here is the video of the final curtain of the Christmas show.

On the Walt Disney Studios Place of the Stars, technical facilities continued to be installed for the Star Wars Season of the Force projection show on the Tower of Terror facade, which start this weekend!

And Disneyland Paris released today an official video showing the first images of this "Star Wars : A Galactic Celebration" projection show!

The wonderful show of « Mickey and the Magician » stops for 2 months, it’s time to said « thank you » to the cast and production team with a video of the last performance.

Last but not least, here are the maps for both parks for the month of January showing only what is open.

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Pictures and videos: copyright DLP Welcome.

DLP book video: copyright Disney and more

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Anonymous said...

Why will Mickey and the Magician close for two months? The show is less than a year old, so no refurbishment is needed, and also it a sorely needed attraction at WDS.

Also, I am SURE that Jack Sparrow will take the space of the former dueling pirates. They have been either broken or MIA for at least 85% of my visits.