Tuesday, January 24, 2017

FOURTEEN Academy Awards Nominations for "La La Land" , a Gorgeous Movie That You Must Not Miss !

Disney's Zootopia and Moana are both nominated for "best animated picture" but the big winner in this year Academy Awards nominations is "La La Land" that i saw in theatre today and which is a truly great movie. La La Land got 14 - yes, FOURTEEN - nominations, and only two movies in cinema history have got as many nominations: Titanic, and All About Eve. I remind you that La La Land had seven nominations for this year Golden Globes and won Golden Globes for EACH of them. We'll see if he does as well with the Oscars ( probably not but he should get plenty ).

The movie, if you've not seen it yet - it is released tomorrow in France - starts with a terrific 5 minutes long sequence-shot and all along the movie music and songs are exhilarating! Ryan Gosling is good as usual but Emma Stone will surely receive the Academy Award as she is truly exceptional - and i mean it! This girl is as talented, sensitive and gifted as Leonardo Di Caprio is, and she can't get better compliment coming from me as i'm a huge Di Caprio fan. She began as actress in 2005 and since 2011 started to play in big productions ( the two last Spiderman and Birdman ) and i predict her a great career with plenty of awards.

In the meantime if you've not watched yet La La Land, run to watch it, it's a great musical comedy, partly paying tribute to famous Jacques Demy 1960 musicals ( Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, Les Demoiselles de Rochefort ) and the first sequence of La La Land even start like the first one of Les Demoiselles de Rochefort ( drivers go out of their cars and start to dance all together ). Of course the storyline is entirely different and here tells the story of a jazz pianist and a young girl dreaming to be an actress at Hollywood and of their broken dreams. The music and songs of La La Land are so good that i jump right now to iTunes to buy the CD, and i'm sure you'll do the same after watching the movie! You can also listen the full soundtrack on Youtube HERE.

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