Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gorgeous Disneyland Commercial Announcing the Return of Main Street Electrical Parade

Disneyland released an amazing commercial for the return of Main Street Electrical Parade showing a woman passing in front of every iconic Disneyland extinct attraction in less than 20 seconds before bringing the final light to illuminate Elliot in the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Now Mousegamer Presents has found most ( if not all! ) easter eggs hidden in this new MSEP commercial!

Video: copyright Disney


Jones said...

The MSEP - going out of business since 1996 !! (don´t get me wrong, I adore the parade - but that "final run! never again!" stuff is ridiculous)

K. Martinez said...

I both love and hate this commercial. I've been going to Disneyland since 1963 and seeing all the references to the long gone attractions makes me sad. While Disneyland still dazzle's it isn't what it used to be as a whole. There's just something missing today. Probably it's heart and soul. Thanks for sharing, Alaine.

Dreemfinder said...

The Rockets Jets were not "aka the TWA Moonliner", the Moonliner was a different red and white rocket that used to stand in front of the old Flight to the Moon. A miniature version is standing in DL's Tomorrowland today.

Brandon said...

I love this! I've watched it at least ten times!!! Bravo to Disney for really taking in consideration its die hard fans who miss some of the old attractions!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Awesome commercial!

You're right, dreamfinder, and also the old 20,000 leagues attraction was only in Florida, the original Disneyland version was only the Submarine Voyage, without the 20,000 leagues theme.

I think that they should keep the Electrical parade for good, at least seasonally. It's still the best Disney parks parade ever!