Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More Greatness to Visit When You'll Come to L.A as the Long-Awaited Museum of George Lucas is Coming to Los Angeles !

More greatness to visit when you'll come to Los Angeles as it was announced today that the long-awaited museum of George Lucas is coming to Los Angeles. The board of directors of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art said L.A beat out San Francisco to host the venue. It will be built in Exposition Park, home of the Natural History Museum.

From Collider: "The museum will feature pieces from Lucas’ private collection, including Star Wars memorabilia and artifacts from his other works, vintage photographs and even traditional paintings. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says the museum is eyeing a May 4, 2020 launch, according to THR.

Garcetti also clarified that “this is not a Star Wars museum”, saying that “this is a collection of narrative art in a city that has the best storytellers and storymakers in the world. The best collection of Norman Rockwell paintings on Earth. Works from R. Crumb.” He closed out with this cringe-worthy appropriation of geek culture by saying, “‘Do or do not — there is no try. Today, we did it.”

From the N.Y Times : "The creator of “Star Wars” has spent years making plans to open a museum for his collection of fine and popular art. After previous plans to open in Chicago were canceled, Mr. Lucas and his architects revealed designs for both San Francisco and Los Angeles, causing months of speculation about which city was a better spot for his futuristic-looking museum.

Mr. Lucas has pledged to finance the $1 billion project, which is expected to bring thousands of construction and museum jobs to the city. The museum will house his collection of some 10,000 paintings and book and magazine illustrations assembled over decades, including those by Norman Rockwell, R. Crumb, and N.C. Wyeth (whose artwork enriched “Treasure Island”), as well as Hollywood memorabilia from Mr. Lucas’s films."

Pictures: copyright Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

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