Saturday, February 11, 2017

Johan Souply Latest Not-to-be-missed Video Filmed at Disneyland Paris is Both Hilarious and Truly Magical !

Johan Souply is a true Disneyland Paris fan and a formidable director. I've posted previously his others fan videos that you enjoyed a lot. His latest one is titled "Le Vrai Disneyland" ( the real Disneyland ), was filmed in the park without DLP being involved in the production and it's the best one he did yet.

As a true DLP fan Johan knows the flaws of Disneyland Paris and the first part of the video is hilarious as anyone who has visited the park recently will recognize the situations that the young couple is going through. But Johan also knows that the park can be magical if you've kept a child soul and he did a wonderful job - including perfect visual effects - to show this in the second part. The video is in french BUT there is subtitles in english all along so make sure to click on "subtitles" at the bottom right of the video if french is not your native language. Don't miss this video!

Video: copyright Johan Souply

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