Sunday, March 12, 2017

Countdown to Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary as the 25th Ann Decorations Are Now in Place at Main Street U..S.A and Central Plaza !

Here we go for a new Disneyland Paris update as in less than two weeks DLP 25th Anniversary will start - the press event will happen on March 25th and the DLP 25th Ann will start officially on March 26th.  The decorations are now in place int Main Street and Central Plaza so let's have a look at all this, would we? As usual all my thanks to Max, D&M contribute and DLPWelcome webmaster for his great pictures!

The 25th Anniversary logo has appeared on the lampposts of Main Street U.S.A...

...and four different Tinkerbell are located on Main Street lampposts and Central Plaza. Simple, but brilliant, discreet but symbolizing the festivities they are ones of the great successes of the decorations.

On central Plaza the flower beds have been transformed to accommodate more statues for the 25th Anniversary. It looks fine on the side with Donald and Daisy but for others it deserves to be improved, as for the one with Tinkerbell. But overall it looks quite fine, the statues are different than the ones for Christmas which were not realistic. The bodies of these new ones is in silver color and the clothes in blue, the two colors of DLP 25th Ann.

At the Castle Stage the first elements of decor are in place and so far it looks a bit less convincing and successful than the others decorations on Main Street. Let's wait and see how it'll look when all the decor will be finished, in a few days.  ( the first picture below comes from our friends of ED92 )

Last but not least, new Minnie Mouse balloons arrived!

Max will be back soon for a new DLP update and of course d-D&M will cover all the festivities of the 25th Anniversary so stay tuned on Disney and more as many things new ( new parade, new night show, Star Tours 2 ) will arrive soon! In the meantime, talking about Disneyland Paris i remind you that the gorgeous Disneyland Paris book is still available and it's the last copies of a book that will not be reprinted so make sure to order your copy now!

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Pictures: copyright DLPWelcome


Brandon said...

It looks lovely! Very elegant!

Anonymous said...

the silver figures look creepy