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Discover Thor's Rike - "The Kingdom of Thor" - Norway's Most Ambitious Theme Park Project

Thor's Rike is a fantastic theme park project in Norway designed by ITEC Entertainment, which hopes to turn Norway's Haugesund region into ‘the Viking capital of the world’. Thor's Rike - "Rike" means "Kingdom" in Norwegian - would be the country’s largest theme park and is still seeking funding before breaking ground. They hope to secure the needed budget by this summer, and developers describe it as "a theme park in Viking costume" which intend to transport guests to both the historical and mythical Norse worlds - as, yes, before becoming a Marvel super-hero, Thor was part of the Norwegian mythology.

Let's have a closer look at Thor's Rike - which will include attractions, rides, shows, a roller coaster and flume ride, and Food and beverage offerings which will enable guest to eat like Vikings - with more details and renderings!

The purpose of Thor’s Kingdom is to relive the most significant stories from the viking age, divided into six unique zones.

Prepare yourself to embark onboard an amazing journey deep into the viking sagas. Granted you’re truly prepared for this, we welcome you to Thor’s Kingdom, where the viking age returns back to life. Celebrate your own viking-spirit that dwells inside you, with rides and rollercoasters, authentic shows on stage, eat like the vikings did and try if you dare, to negotiate with them at their many stores. A world of heroes, trolls and magic … Thrill and adventure … Gods and giants … Courage and deceit … Mythic beings and spectacular environments! Take part in our world and let yourself inspire – By an authentic vikingland, right next to where the viking-capitol once stood over 1000 years ago!

Main Entrance:

Fortress Courtyard:
Atop a hill, a mighty tree thrones above the park, visible from miles away. The derelict ruins of a once majestic viking fort have through the years been intertwined with teh thick, crooked trunk and the twisted roots of the tree. The lonely, worn castle marks the entrance to Thor’s Rike. From this vantage point the fort looks abandoned, destroyed and a little scary. But the dream of adventure on the other side is tantalizing.

The Ragnarok Prophecy will be apparently a 4D theatre show, here are some storyboard artwork for the movie, though i'm not 100% sure it will be located in this zone of the park.

In the courtyard you’ll find incredible experiences everywhere. Cross the glittering Bifrost bridge, connecting Midgard’s Harbour Village and Valhalla, and soon you’ll find yourself in the great hall of Odin, Valhalla, where you have been invited to a spectacular viking feast.

The Forest:
In Asgard you can sail along a mystic river. On the way you’ll meet trolls, dwarves, elves and other Norse creatures. Among them you’ll also find the horrible Fenris wolf, throwing himself at you, growling, only kept at bay by the magical Gleipnir chains. A new perspective awaits you in the Forest.

The Grotto:
Nearby, in the Grotto, you can experience the Norse underworld and jump aboard a watery log ride where you risk confronting the terrifying Nidhogg, and a too-close-for-comfort encounter with the four-eyed monstrous hound, Garm. It all ends in a soaked escape from the Grotto. Another part of the zone leads you to the Jotunheim.

In addition to this log ride, the park also include a wooden roller coaster called "The Ride of the Walkyries"

Harbour Village:
When you cross the scenic Harbour Bridge you find yourself in Harbour Village, a viking hamlet on the banks of a large, shimmering lake. A fleet of longships with carved dragon heads bobs by the pier. From a beautiful boathouse you can board the waiting longships.

A drop tower designed like a gigantic sword and called "Rune of Doom" is apparently also part of this zone.

Midtgard Tivoli:
The mood turns festive in the neighbouring Midgard market, where you get to be a part of a colourful festival in full vigour. The Market area is filled with eye-catching carneval tents where you’ll find everything from artist and artesans demonstrating their talents to games and entertainment.

"Clash of the Warriors" is a viking stunt show, the next artwork shows the entrance of the arena.

All the screen captures above come from the Thor's Rike website where you'll find more informations and can see an excellent video showing the project. Jump HERE to watch it.  In the meantime, let's hope they'll succeed to find soon the funds for this great project for Norway!

Pictures: copyright ITEC Entertainment

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