Monday, March 6, 2017

Former WDI Imagineer Bob Baranick Plans 21 Acres Theme Park in North Carolina

Bob Baranick is a former Disney imagineer who helped to design Epcot, Disneyland Paris and popular attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion, and he is planning a theme park in North Carolina. Below, Bob Baranick at Epcot Innoventions and working on a theme park model.

"From The News and Observer: "The theme park will be named “Whirligig Woods” and will be located in Saxapahaw, in Adamance County, near the Haw River and it is planned to open as soon as 2019. Saxapahaw is about 20 miles west of Chapel Hill and about an hour from Raleigh. Bob Baranick, who is from Raleigh, has already purchased 21 acres for the park near Stockard Road and N.C. Highway 87."

"The “boutique” theme park will begin with a train ride and a few other attractions and will continue to grow in phases over the years, much the way the Disney parks have grown over the years. The park is a private endeavor, though, and won’t be a Disney park."

Other later additions could include a tree house resort and a haunted land. Above, a rendering for the "candy factory". He also has plans for two more parks in the state, though details on those had not yet been revealed."

"Baranick worked extensively on Disney attractions as an imagineer and has more than 40 years of themed entertainment design. He’s also worked on Paramount Parks, Warner Studios, Six Flags, Everland, Busch Enterntainment, Hershey’s and Universal Studios, among others. He’s consulted on projects around the world, including those in Turkey, China, Abu Dhabi and Korea."

Now, jump HERE to see a video of Bob Baranick talking about this Whirligig Woods theme park project and for those wishing more informations about Bob Baranick, go to

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Anonymous said...

Remember the Eddie Sotto video shot inside WDI-Glendate in '89 before they moved to Paris for construction... A young Bob is in that showing the Phantom Manor model.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love theme parks, I am very against this theme park. Until North Carolina repeals HB2, I oppose all industry growth in that state. I have transgender friends forced to endure North Carolina's intolerant laws and it upsets me to my core. Very controversial location for any new developments. Hopefully, like most parks, this won't actually be built.

Brandon said...

This response is unfair. This man has a dream of building his own park, and you have no idea what his solution to this national problem will be! I'm a member of the LGBTQ community and I believe he has every right and constitutional obligation to Persue his happiness! Let any proper authority call him out! But, we, as non consequential observers do not have the moral authority to crush this mans dreams! For all we know he has plans for a gender neutral bathroom! And, an inspirational park, might just be the perfect place to meet to discuss such topics!