Saturday, March 4, 2017

Learn How to Make a Ratatouille EXACTLY Like Remy Did it in Pixar's Ratatouille Movie

I've got something great for all of you who love Pixar's Ratatouille movie. If you remember it well, the climax scene is near the end of the movie when the food critic taste the ratatouille prepared by Remy, and absolutely love it because it reminds him his childhood. At DLP Walt Disney Studios, guests can order a ratatouille when they eat in the greatly themed restaurant located at the exit of the Ratatouille ride, but unfortunately the dish is not prepared like the one Remy does in the animated movie. To be fair, the restaurant did it apparently once, on Grand Opening day - or for the press event - and, since, when you order a ratatouille the waiters will bring you a regular French ratatouille which is not the same.

Actually, what Remy prepares for the food critic in the Ratatouille movie is not really a ratatouille but a dish called "Confit Byaldi" which is a sort of a modern spin on the famous ratatouille. Now, cook Andrew Rea did the video below in which you will learn how to cook and do a "ratatouille" EXACTLY as Remy did it in the Pixar movie! Andrew Rea method even looks easier than in the Pixar animated film, and the final result looks as good!

Have a look in the video below at how he prepares the dish like in Ratatouille, and then do it yourself at home!

Picture: copyright Disney - Pixar, Andrew Rea

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