Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tokyo Disney Sea Imagineers Unveil More Details About TDS Port Discovery "Nemo and Friends SeaRider" Attraction

Tokyo Disney Resort released a new Imagineering video providing plenty of new details for Tokyo Disney Sea's Port Discovery new ride "Nemo and Friends SeaRider" opening on May 12 at TDS!

Riders will enter the redesigned show building called now "Marine Life Institute"...

The goal for TDS Imagineer was to make immerse the guests as much as possible. To achieve this they had the idea that guests will enter in a "SeaRider" submarine designed like Nemo, though with different colors...

But how do you do when you have 122 guests per ride? In the storyline the submarine is built with a new material which shrink when you apply electricity to it. And that includes everything or everyone on board. So, the SeaRider submarine will give to all Nemo and friends the illusion to shrink to the side of a fish and then travel on an awesome undersea journey.

And the way TDS Imagineers will give to guests the feeling they are the size of a fish is thanks to the beautiful curved screen in the front of the simulator with ten others small screens above, left and right, through which guest can look up to the ocean, and they've also added sound effects of  rumble in the seats and all kind of magical tricks to make guests feel like they are really immersed undersea during this journey.

Nemo and friends SeaRider will open on May 12, in just two weeks from now,  and soft-openings started today so a video of the ride should arrive very soon. In the meantime don't miss this great Imagineering video below!

Pictures: copyright Disney, Oriental Land, Disney Geek

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