Saturday, May 13, 2017

Disneyland Paris Star Wars Night 2017

Editor's Note: Folks, i'm taking a break all the week, and as usual i may or may not be able to post during that time, depending of the WIFI connection available. So, thanks for your patience and anyway there should not be any major announcement in the meantime. I'll be keeping a look at the news just in case there will be one and we'll talk again soon!
I also remind you that the fantastic Disneyland Paris book always has a special offer, so place your order while there is some copies available! See link on the right column for all infos about how to order this great book.
For the same reasons i won't be able to post Max new Disneyland Paris update, so i suggest that you jump directly to DLP Welcome to read his great update on the Star Wars Nights HERE.

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Geoff Barden said...

We'll miss your posts, really appreciate all your work!