Friday, May 5, 2017

Disneyland Paris Update: Soft-Opening Starts at Hyperspace Mountain as the Ride Gets Ready for its Official Opening on May 7 !

Hello everyone, today we'll have a new Disneyland Paris update, always thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. And this new update is all about the Hyperspace Mountain soft-opening that happened last week-end, but a very strange one as no visual effects were working and riders had to agree that the ride will happen in total blackness! I suspect they did this both to test the new trains and to train Space Mountain cast-members to precisely these new trains, and may be also to keep the exclusivity of the discovery of Hyperspace Mountain for guest of the Star Wars evenings on May 5 and 6.  Anyway, the soft-opening happened and Hyperspace Mountain will start for real on May 7, i..e in two days from now but thanks to the Star Wars evenings today and tomorrow we may have ride videos before it actually officially open!

Inside, the terrible posters of the planets disappeared to make room for posters with the spaceships of the Star Wars universe. Minimalist changes, partly because of the layout of the building.

During the Soft Opening, guests also discovered a new «Space Mountain : Mission 2» video presentation of security measures. This new presentation is much better than the previous one with a true Steampunck atmosphere and Visual effects that works. The fact that it is a "Mission 2" video probably also shows that Hyperspace Mountain is temporary.

Here’s a first look at the new decor of the boarding room, with Star Wars colors on the new banners for «Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission».

The new Vekoma trains, the "MK-1212", were of course the reason for our coming to this soft-opening. What can we say? The seat is better, the on-board audio system is latest generation and promises an amazing sound. New harnesses make us forget the head who was previously knocking like a punching ball. The ride now happen smoothly. Some may find the new harness system not comfortable for breathing, but to avoid this make sure when you move in to don't tighten the harness up upon you at its maximum, you will be very well hold on your seat anyway. One thing is sure, the experience is much better with these new trains. About the trains theming, Max think it’s perfect, inspired by Jules Verne and the land steampunk theme, all present. Even the colors of the trains who can surprise because they don't match the ones on Space Mountain dome, but it's quickly forgotten between the Columbia cannon icon on the harness, the Sun design from the Cannon and all others designs reminding the style of the land. In resume, the new trains and the quality of the experience is superior to the previous trains. The use of this Vekoma MK-1212 train should be widespread on all these types of Vekoma coaster in others Disney parks in the world.

nHyperspace Mountain will open officially in Discoveryland on May 7 but the first launches with all effects are awaited for tonight and Saturday, so stay tuned to D&M for more about this and first videos!

Pictures: copyright DLPWelcome, Disney


Tom said...

The trains look great, I really like them!

But is the name "Rebel Mission" anywhere to be seen in the attraction? It seems they are going for the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain name?

Alain Littaye said...

The name is only on the sign at the entrance, as it will be easier to change in the future once Hyperspace mountain will stop.

Xavier said...

Once again with DLP make-overs for its 25th anniversary, it's a mix bag.

The new trains are quite smooth. The restrain that is another thing. It glue you to the back of the seat so you can't move anymore. Too bad when you like a little space to enjoy the airtime...

They used to be glorious. All beautifull silver with some golden & cooper on some details. Pictures show define jarring IMHO.

The make-over of the ride not really convincing. More than half of the ride is in darkness.
The experience is much more successfull in HK SM as the slower pace & additionnal screens make it work.

So the main positive change is John Williams iconic music.
Please note that spoken text is in French.
So it's more La Guerre des étoiles than Star Wars... ^-^

Unknown said...

Hi.. Im from impressions about? I love starwars saga.and i totally agree in new ride xperience. But i thing that rehab havnt same appeal that original space mountain climax has had whit his story...