Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pirates of Caribbean " Dead Men Tells No Tales" Short Review

A short review of the Pirates of Caribbean Dead Men Tells No Tales movie that i saw this afternoon, and i have to say that i quite liked it a lot. I know that critics didn't liked it but on Rotten Tomatoes 74% of regular viewers liked it, and i'm one of them. The main reason why i liked it is this one: it's a De luxe B movie who don't try to be a A movie. In two words, there is no pretention other than to do a fun Pirates movie and it succeed quite well, in my opinion. But if you expect something who revolutionize the genre you'll be disappointed.
 There has been so many Pirates movies in movie history that it becomes hard to find new ideas but, here too, they succeed to find some new ones for epic scenes and actors are in general convincing in the characters they're playing - except Orlando Bloom that you see just in two short scenes and who is really bad. But Kaya Scodelario playing Carina Smyth, Brenton Thwaites playing the son of Will Turner ( Orlando Bloom ), Geoffrey Rush playing Barbossa, and Javier Bardem playing Captain Salazar are all good. Johnny plays his Jack Sparrow character as he usually do so no surprises but you don't feel at all that he's tired to play it and always enjoy the new adventures of Captain Jack. Even Paul McCartney is good in his short scene ( in a jail sequence, don't miss him ). Javier Bardem in his role of Captain Salazar can even be really scary and young kids may even be a bit terrorize during his first appearance. I would go as far as to put this POTC 5 "Dean Men Tells no Tales ( in the U.S, in others countries its title is Salazar Vengeance ) at the third row after the first movie and the second one. Again, go to see it as a De Luxe B movie which has no other pretention than to entertain during two hours and hopefully you won't be disappointed.
And of course stay until the end of the end credits to watch the additional scene giving some indications about the character who may return in a POTC6 movie, if there is one.

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