Monday, September 18, 2017

Choose Your Favorite Disneyland Paris Future With Disney and more Surveys !

I introduce today on the RIGHT BAR of this D&M website a series of surveys to know what YOU wish as new additions / rides / lands for Disneyland Paris park and the Walt Disney Studios! Depending of the survey, as indicated, you're asked to choose either one, two, or three choices. And results can be seen instantly.

There is six different surveys / questions to answer which are:

- Choose your favorite RIDE you wish to be build at Disneyland Paris park ( ONE answer only among the choices )

- Choose your THREE favorite RIDES you wish to be build at Disneyland Paris park ( THREE answers only among the choices )

- Choose your favorite LAND you wish to be build at DLP Walt Disney Studios ( ONE answer only among the choices )

- Choose your THREE favorite LANDS you wish to be build at DLP Walt Disney Studios ( THREE answer only among the choices )

- Choose your THREE favorite rides you wish to be build at DLP Walt Disney Studios ( THREE answers only among the choices )

- Choose TWO additions you wish to be build at Disneyland Paris Resort ( TWO answers only among the choices )

The folks of Disney are following Disney and more and your opinion may have more influence than you think for future attractions, so make sure to do the survey! The survey don't request any name, email address, etc, so it's totally anonymous. So, look on the right bar where surveys are, and make sure to think well before you answer, as you can choose only one time!

Note: These surveys widgets may not appear on a mobile device so you need to answer them from your computer.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Alain,

Excellente (et amusante ) idée ! Mais hélas celà ne fonctionne pas, j'essaye de cliquer mais l'image reste une image classique...
Bref sûrement un petit détail à règler!
Sinon merci encore pour ce blog que je suis depuis le début! Longue vie à Disney and more !


Pierre Peeters said...


what a great idea, and a very good choice of attractions! I just have one more attraction that I would love to see at Discoveryland: Journey To The Center of The Earth like the ride at Tokyo DisneySea. Wouldn't that be great!


Alain Littaye said...

Aurel, sur quelle image vous cliquez? Parce que ce n'est pas sur celle qui est dans l'article mais celles sur la colonne de droite...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha ! Ceci explique celà... Merci et sorry!

Anonymous said...

Juste une dernière chose, il y a tant d'attractions qui auraient leurs places à Dlrp je comprend que vous ayez fais une petite sélection... J'ai plus qu'apprécié la présence de Jungle Cruise mais j'avoue que j'aurai adoré trouver dans les choix The Enchanted Tiki Room... ;)
Un de ces jours un autre vote concernant le genre de ride (coaster, dark ride etc.) que l'on aimerai voire arriver à Dlrp serai le bienvenue dans le cadre d'un vote impliquant le souhait de voire débarquer une attraction inédite ;) J'aime quand Imagineering surprend et propose de l'inédit (et sans licence) :)


Q said...

soaring would be a better fit in discoveryland than in the studios. i mean, putting it in the studios isn't like spoiling the trick?

Octav' said...

Exactly, as Q said, Soarin' would fit perfectly in Discoveryland, especially when you consider that Tokyo DisneySea is building a Soarin' based on Leonardo Da Vinci's designs.

graysku11 said...

Thanks Alain for this survey and I do hope Disney look at it. Paris remains my favourite park but it is not value for money compared to florida (the main alternative for European guests) less parks and less rides not even having the main classics. Bringing in versions of key attractions from parks well beyond Europe would be great. Paris is the most beautiful magic kingdom and the studio park is a bit average. Disney Sea is what I most want. Story and theme and landscaping etc really matter. Paris does lack thrill rides, it also lacks quality attractions based on the renaissance and later animated movies. Most of all paris needs to be profitable and this needs a unique selling point such as the biggest and a unique star wars land ( not the galaxy edge location of the US versions but ones based really in the films ideally the originals! A spaceship earth death star could make an excellent backdrop weenie. I would love the 2nd park to feel like a mirror to the main park and a villains/shadowland would be fantastic. A maleficent castle next to a big mountain like expedition Everest would work very well. The studio park does lack a mountain, or how about mount fantasia with disneys best movies inside . I would also love to see a haunted mountain type ride with the muppets with a summer version and a Christmas carol version for winter. I would also like to see a labyrinth (movie) maze as this is a classic in Europe and would not cost much it also links Henson and lucas. I would also love to sea Aquatopia ride next to captains nemos submarine

graysku11 said...

Having a preliminary view of the results so far these are my initial thoughts. Indian jones makes perfect sense as the priority for the main park. A BB ride and be our guest restaurant would update fantasyland v well and BB ride was planned from early on so would feel right. A trackless system would be fun. The fantasyland currently does not showcase the animated movies v well, the dark rides are v old especially compared to new fantasyland mine train and L mermaid ride. The frontierland train area is very lacking. Splash mountain would be great fun. However I would prefer a pride rock log flume ride which is similar in exterior feel and style to SM. Animatronics and fantastic music too.. no other park has a good LK rise and this would make it extra special while still meeting the need of a SM type ride. I feel the frozen ride votes are lower than expected because of the ‘cheap’ overlay in florida. A disneysea version might be more appealing also with a purpose made ride. In terms of the 3 new rides journey to the centre of the earth would be perfect in discoveryland and if well integrated like in tokyosea would make that land first class. I love riding that ride. I do feel however the track needs to be longer with more of an outdoor bit to add kinetic energy to the park. It also needs the current fast run in the dark. Paris also lacks this test track type ride system I do not feel the park needs jorney and cars as they are v similar. If a cars type area was added a 1950s scifi theme with a ufo could be fun. Mystic manor would also be great but as a new ride and not replacing the phantom manor! It would be great if it would have an added scene. This would add a trackless system to the main park. I feel souring is fairly low as avatar looks better the update is also bit too heavy on CGI. The SDL ride may also be faily low due to it being very projection heavy. Over use of the same effect is like seeing the same trick over and over it is less magical. In terms of additions to the resort a world of color could make good use of the hotel lake this would be excellent value for money and has excellent space for viewing it also has a bit of the feel of epcot lake- it could be fantasmic. This lake really does need to be used! Personally I am not sure about the Disney springs idea as this could just be a cheap overlay of the village which would not add anything. An epcot style world showcase façade to the village is however an idea. The resort definitely does not need more hotels especially expensive ones. Updating the current ones would be valued. The art of animation and new Orleans hotels in florida are v good. Efteling has fantastic village accommodation which is better than any of the Disneyland paris hotels. In selecting 3 rides for the 2 parks the star wars e ticket is obvious and essential. The avatar flying ride will bring the key bit of Pandora to paris and it is also the best soaring ride. The marvel ride is also a perfect choice. The stuntshow and spiderman rollercoaster can be cheaper overlays of current attractions and would not add as much by themselves. Please no TOT update! A star wars land would be the best investment however why not make paris extra special with it having the largest SW land or having it based in real movie locations and not galaxy edge, what everyone really wants is locations from the original movies. An spaceship earth death star would be great and the tron ride system as an endor forest chase. A beauty and the beast land would make the park special and give great place making, ride, be our guest restaurant –perfect. A marvel land would be fantastic including an overlay of the leftside of the studio park but with new stuff too. An avatar land would be good but how would it work with the climate. I would prefer a villains/shadow land or something similar. I also feel the art of animation could benefit with a live animation e.g. stitch, monsters inc style section to make it current with the newest films

Anonymous said...

Is this survey being done in affiliation with the Walt Disney Company?

Because it reads like the mind of current Disney executive management's M.O.: "Franchise, Clone, IP, Repeat. Forget Vision or Originality. Stick to what we've done before and popular movies, and shoehorn them wherever you can."

While I wouldn't complain about an Indy ride in Adventureland or B&B in Fantasyland, etc., my preference to all questions would be "None of the Above." Instead, create something new, original, bold and awe-inspiring. You don't grow and excel by giving the public what they want, you do so by giving them what they don't yet know they want. Use the park's to invent and create, like you used to, Disney.

Toby said...

Don't know.... after several parks like Europa Park already build similar attractions like Soarin in Europe, wouldn't it make more sense to build something unique over here? Like Radiator Spring Racers, Indiana Jones Adventure or something from Star Wars Galaxy Edge (if we didn't get the whole land).

R. vdBurg said...

(1 of 3) I don’t expect the poll results to change in the following days, so I would like to write my reaction. Mr. Littaye has proven over time to have insider contacts and his tone of urgency regarding the polls suggest he believes actual Disney employees might read this post before final decisions are made. As this chance to reach decision makers is by far the best shot I have to do so, I decided to take the time to write a small essay concerning the future expansion plans for DLP. I have tried to be as thorough as I can be in this essay, and it has become so long that it has to be split amongst multiple comments. I apologize in advance to Mr. Littaye if this is considered rude and I promise not to make a habit of such long posts. I only take this liberty because Mr. Littaye encouraged his readers to voice their opinions ‘as specific’ as possible. As I’m usually a ‘silent reader’ I also would like to use this opportunity to compliment the excellent work on Disney and More over the years. Now, without further ado; My ‘2 cents’ on the future of DLP & the poll results:

1, “The future of Parc Disneyland (PD) in case of a DCA style make over in the Walt Disney Studios Park (WDS)”
It is clear that the focus of the expansions and improvements for the DLP resort should be on the WDS. Due to contractual obligations this park was build with insufficient funds and over WDS’s 15 years of existence all new additions have felt like patchwork solutions. Individually most attractions are of sufficiently high quality, but the lack of cohesive theming and a true vision makes WDS only the sum of individual attractions. This is in stark contrast with the beautiful PD next door. A reimagining of WDS should create synergy between all of the offerings and bring the park to the next (Disney)level. Synergy should create an experience that is more than the sum of the individual parts. However, if the awaited ‘DCA treatment’ finally comes for the WDS, PD would need some expansion first. PD is already struggling with capacity on peak days. PD simply cannot also host the extra flow of guests during the reconstruction of large parts of WDS. Since WDS will consume a lot of the investments on its own, I would advise the expansions of PD to consist mostly of pre-existing rides from around the world to cut costs. Under different circumstances I would prefer unique rides in PD, but after 20 years of ‘drought’ in PD and the necessity to focus investments on WDS it would be best to bring established classic rides to Paris.

It seems IJA is going to be the preferred ‘quick fix’ for PD in this poll and Disney can’t go wrong with that classic ride. As I wrote below the specific IJA post: I do feel they should seize the opportunity to make the IJA&Temple of Peril area an entire miniland. Splash Mountain seems to be another popular attraction choice to raise the capacity of PD but in this PC climate Disney would be better off NOT to do anything that might attract attention to the ‘complicated’ source material of the original SM’s, this includes bringing SM to Paris in a new theme. If a SM type ride would be considered desirable for Paris (the resort still lacks a water ride), I’d suggest a cross between SM and the WDW Frozen ride. Frozen doesn’t appear to be very popular within our ‘fan demographic’ but within the family demographic a Frozen ride would be a huge draw and merchandising opportunity. Combining the 2 rides would result in a best of both worlds scenario.

The long awaited BatB ride would fit perfectly in Paris, and I would advise this one to be a unique signature ride for Paris. I suggest making it an omnimover ride (like the recent mermaid ride) instead of a trackless ride like Tokyo Disneyland will receive; Omnimovers are amongst the highest capacity ride systems WDI has to offer. A true people eater in PD before the Olympics is more than welcome. (…)

R. vdBurg said...

(2 of 3) Should another trackless ride be on the DLP ‘wishlist’ after all I would advise against the addition of Mystic Manor to DLP, as European competitor park the Efteling has recently opened their own high quality MM ‘rip off’. This means MM is not a unique selling point anymore for guests from the Benelux and western Germany (15-20% of DLP guests). Pooh’s Hunny Hunt seems to be a highly preferable alternative. Winnie the Pooh is one of Europe’s most beloved Disney characters & Pooh currently doesn’t have a ride in DLP. The expansion area between IASW and Star Tours could house both the ride and a small Hundred Acre Wood area for meet ‘n greets & shows. This doesn’t hinder other expansion plans that I’m aware of.

The popular Journey to the Center of the Earth would be the perfect addition to restore the former glory & theme of Discoveryland ánd bring the test track ride system to Paris. The ride would be unique in Europe. The downside to CoE would be that it would take up a portion of the only expansion slot large enough to host a potential 6th land for PD. (Located east of Space Mountain) The cost of building Mt. Prometheus alone would prevent CoE to be build as a ‘quick fix’ to expand the capacity in PD. But it would be an E ticket with high marketability and fulfill the initial promise to dedicate Discoveryland to European visionaries. Plans for Radiator Springs Racers should be shelved if CoE would be build & vice versa. As much as I would personally like to see this ride come to Europe, due to it’s high impact on the budget I do not think it is wise for TWDC to bring CoE to Paris at this point in time. Depending on the results of the expansion project CoE might be a nice ‘stretch goal’, though.

2, “The place making and expansion plans for WDS”
As mentioned before, investments would have to be focused on WDS. This is the part of the project where I trust the imagination and ambitions of the Imagineers and have few remarks of my own regarding individual attractions. (I have no knowledge of unannounced WDI projects after all) I do have an opinion on the new theme zone layout of the park. The current ‘lots’ of the park should be unified in three new ‘Studios’ (redefining the WDS name and theme): The Marvel Studio on the left side, a Hollywood Boulevard/Buena Vista Street in the middle leading up to a new hub and the Pixar Studio to the right. Of these new ‘Studios’, the Pixar one needs the least work done. Only the Tapis Volants ride would need to be replaced with a Pixar offering (either a retheme or a replacement, moving the Tapis Volants to PD Adventureland) and the land would need to receive coherent Pixar theming. I would suggest theming based of the Emeryville campus. I would advise this ‘Studio’ to be part of phase 1 for the WDS plans. This way, the entire right side of the park will be finished for the rest of the project. Starting on the Marvel Studio and completing the new ‘Hollywoodland’ would be part of phase 2. The Hollywood zone would expand on the current ToT’s theme. It seems that Disney executives are prepared to axe the entire Hollywood theme, but in my opinion this would be a mistake as a romanticized Hollywood is a very strong theme with European audiences. This ‘studio’ would mainly house ToT and would further consist of a shopping street with restaurants and potentially a small theatre (new location for Mickey&the Magician?). Possibly the street could lead up to a Chinese Theatre façade, reserved for a future expansion. The last phase would finish the remodel the left side of WDS into the Marvel Studio, relying both on rethemed versions of current rides and brand new ones. I would advise all 3 phases to be concluded by the 2024 Olympic games, as those will attract a large influx of visitors from around the world. By then the entire resort ought to be in a state where visitors are prone to consider a return visit. (…)

R. vdBurg said...

(3 of 3) The only individual attraction I would like to comment on is the Spider-man coaster (likely to replace RnRC) I would strongly advise to make it an Iron Man ride instead. It seems to me that the potential of a Spider-man attraction should not be wasted on a simple coaster. I’d much rather see WDI make the upcoming brand new E-ticket (announced during the last shareholders meeting) a Spidey ride, and use the Harry Potter robot-arm ride system to properly create the feel of webslinging through New York. This is would be a unique experience in Europe for years to come, as only Universal has the capabilities to bring a similar ride to Europe and they lack a competitor park over here. Meanwhile RnRC would replace the stretch limo train with a Stark tech prototype that the guests are asked to test and the rest of the story practically writes itself.

Only after the 3 new ‘Studios’ have been completed Disney could think about adding new Studios to WDS. I would advise against any Avatar additions until the second movie proves the franchise is not a passing fancy, the first movie faded away too fast to warrant investments in a DLP Pandora at this point in time.
The popularity of Star Wars in Europe is also shown in the polls, and a Paris ‘Star Wars Studios’ would no doubt be popular. I would advise against making definite plans until the US versions are open and evaluated, though. WDI will have their hands full with reestablishing the foundation of the current WDS until after the opening of both US Star Wars lands anyway. As a cost cutting short cut WDI could relocate Star Tours 2 to the possible Star Wars land in WDS, opening up some space in Discoveryland. (Possibly for CoE?) A new high immersion hotel could be incorporated in the Paris version of the Star Wars land as well and this would neatly concentrate the Star Wars offerings of the resort to 1 area.

3, “Enhancing the guest experience throughout the rest of the resort”
The World of Color poll option took me by surprise. I did not expect WoC to be a viable option for DLP as the resort lacks a large body of water within its parks. Someone suggested Lake Disney to host such a show. This would certainly be a possibility, but seeing as one does not need an entry ticket to enter this area WoC would become a free show. I highly doubt that TWDC would invest big money in a free nighttime show. Also, due to the close proximity of the hotels no fireworks or loud audio could be used. So I would advise against the inclusion of WoC in the DLP expansion budget.

My final advice to enhance the guest experience in DLP is the introduction of the Magic Band. DLP receives a lot of foreign guests who continue to be hesitant to use their smart devices and/or dataplans outside of their home country. Also, batteries of smart devices cannot survive a full day of use and this won’t change any time soon. The magic band experience would translate well from WDW to DLP but there is one added feature that would be the icing on the cake for Paris: Languages. Disneyland Paris is the only Disney resort in the world with 6 principal languages, and for young children this takes away from the Disney Magic. Using the preexisting Magic Band technology, DLP could offer select ride experiences in the guest’s native languages. Current WDW Magic Band implementations indicate that Magic Bands already have the capability to track guests to individual ride vehicles and can link personalized information to the attraction in real time. The same technology could be used in select attractions to switch audio tracks to the preferred language of the individual guests. Not all attractions would be suited for this new service, but it’d be a huge draw for potential guests outside of France to come and visit Disneyland Paris.

A lot of thought went into these comments and I sincerely hope a Disney employee will read them. If they are, please take them into consideration & feel free to contact me to further explain my reasoning ;)
Sincerely, Rik van den Burg

Gerben said...

The thing I wish for disneyland paris everyday is to have an updated version of Lava Lagoon, a heated very large but domed indoor pool. with a huge glass roof that can be folded away opened with good weather.
Make it as big as typhoon lagoon but it needs to be weather proof and closed of with a glass roof that can be opened wich can be a huge engineering challenge but I believe if anyone disney can pull this off.

This is largely needed to extend vacation time and bridge bad weather wich is terrorising Disneyland Paris park. This will be an option if weather is very rainy or in winter.

It will make guests spend more.

Disney is on a very good track lately make Waltz idea happen in a big way and give guests a bad weather option like this. I believe this original plan by Walt was right on the mark what disneyland paris needed. With more polish and added correctly it will work.

The hotel pools are not working for this.

Warm greetings,


Anonymous said...

Beloved Disney Company,

I would like disneyland paris to add Lava Lagoon!! a real big waterpark, with a glass roof that can be opened in summer, it should be a heated pool. the roof would be humongous and doenst need to be a sphere it could move with the terrain. It should however be able to open up fold away completely or in sections. This would be an incredible engineering task for a waterpark the size or bigger then typhoon lagoon but if anyone can do it disney imageneers would be able to.

This is the thing disneyland paris needs in times of bad weather and will extend guests stay time in the park. Walt Disney was on the mark with this original vision and it will solve many of the problems disneyland paris currently has because of its location.

Im sad i'm not seeing this on the list. Please consider it.

Also i would love a huge alladin dark ride attraction in adventureland with arabian theme. I think a real carpet flying dark ride or a boat ride.

And also id love to see space mountain gp back to the original version of jules verne.

These are my ideas,

Warm greetings,


Xavier said...

With all that's happening in the U.S. & Asia resorts, plus the 3 new ships, i doubt there is a single dollar nor a single imagineer left available for Paris in the Parks & Resort department.

We'll have to settle for new shows for the coming future or maybe small placemking in the backlot of WDS. Remember the NY hotel refurbishment already announced won't *start* before october 2018 !

They'll see what money is made in Paris since they bought it back.
And if WDW bounce back too.
In 1 or 2 years they can turn their attention to Paris and decide how much money should be pourred in. The previous $ numbers will be decisive.

With this timeline nothing major is to be expected before 2020 at least. Actualy I would put my money for something big in 2021 or 2022 for the 30th anniversary.

Actually It can be a good thing to wait a little, maybe the IP shoehorn frenzy will diminish in Burbank headquarters...