Monday, September 4, 2017

The Publishing of the Great Disneyland Paris Book, "From Sketch to Reality" Has Ended !

EDITING :The acclaimed Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality 320 pages book is no longer available from the publishing company Neverland Editions which has stop its activities. Anyone looking for an English or French edition copy must send me an email at and i'll tell you where or how to find one. The price of the book will now probably skyrocket on eBay or Amazon by others sellers as soon as they'll know that Neverland Editions has closed.

Important: Do NOT use the previous Paypal button posted here on D&M to order the book as we'll do systematically a refund to you. Do NOT also send an email to to order the book as the company will NOT take any new orders, thanks!

Ceux qui n'ont jamais vu le livre peuvent découvrir les 320 pages du livre Disneyland Paris grâce à la vidéo ci-dessous. Cliquez pour voir la vidéo en plein écran!
Discover the 320 pages of the Disneyland Paris book thanks to our preview video! Click to watch the video in full screen mode!

More pictures showing some of the inside pages!

1 comment:

Tom said...

That's too bad, as this is by far the best book ever made about DLP.
I even dare to say that this is the only good book about DLP!

If there are still readers here who do not have the book (I doubt it): try to get one now or you'll regret it for ever!