Monday, September 4, 2017

Tokyo DisneySea Celebrate Its 16th Anniversary! High-Res Wallpaper Original Artworks !

Tokyo DisneySea, the most beautifully themed Disney theme park in the world celebrate today its 16th Anniversary! To join TDS celebration Disney and more post below fifteen Tokyo Disney Sea "wallpaper size" original artworks! These are new versions with enhanced and more accurate colors than the scans posted years ago!

To get the pictures in big size do a right click on the one you wish and choose "open the link in a new window" ( note : "open the link", not "open the image" ).

Pictures: copyright Disney - Oriental Land


Robert Cologne said...

Great pics

Wayne said...

Thank you for sharing. Brings back memories of walking into the park on opening day and hearing Roy Disneys voice at the grand opening dedication on Mediterranean Harbor.
The images in the posters were just like what we saw on that day.