Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Amikoo, Mexico's Mega Theme Park Project at Riviera Maya !

Two weeks ago, Mexico's Riviera Maya, one of the most visited place in Latin America with its pristine beaches, adventure parks, and magnificent Mayan ruins unveiled a major theme park and resorts project titled "Amikoo" - "Amigos in Maya language - which will be located at Playa Maroma, approximately between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and is scheduled to open in two phases, in 2018 and 2020, is there is no delays.

Twenty-four state-of-the-art rides will be split into four distinct zones: Park Maya Extreme (a lush jungle-themed area), Maya Adventure (a celebration of the "Maya City"), Maya Discovery (Mayan anthropology and archaeology museums), and Amikoo Land (a family-focused area with shopping and restaurants). While the development will occupy 300 acres total, more than 200 acres will be set aside as a preserve.

The project will include theme parks with roller coasters and water rides, resorts, an archaeology museum, an aquatic park, a "downtown" with shops and restaurants, and much more.

The parks will include high-tech attractions with "Fly Over Mexico", a flying theater like "Soaring"...

...with guests flying over Mexico famous landmarks and Mayan pyramids...

Another attraction titled "Mares de Mexico" will be a simulator of submarine expedition and the structure will dive into a show building with projections all around, at 360°.

No theme park without a "Pirates" attraction and there will be one titled "Piratas de Bacalar" which, if i trust the rendering below will not be an Audio-Animatronics ride but a pirates village with guests aboard a pirate ship with projections all around it.

Maya Discovery will be another land in which will be located a Maya archeology museum with interactive exhibits...

Maya Extreme, again another land will include others attractions with an exciting raft ride...

Maya Adventure, another land is where guests will find flume rides and inverted roller-coasters...

At Amikoo land, "El Origen" will be a ride apparently using the same technology than tUniversal Harriy Potter ride with robotic Kuka arms moving in a show building and facing screens.

"El Reino" will be an inverted roller coaster but i could not find if it will be locate din this Amikoo land or Maya Adventure.

The park will also include what is called "Amikoo Surf Spot", obviously a place for fans of surf.

No resort without hotels and Amikoo will have an hotel complex with 1,200 guest rooms as well as a "downtown" with shops and restaurants. During the presentation Mexico's president projected that Amikoo will attract around 4.5 million visitors every year. The first phase, a concert arena, convention center, and shopping mall is expected to be completed by 2018.

A video has been released - from where the above renderings are coming from - and you'll learn more about this interesting Amikoo project by watching it below!

Pictures: copyright Amikoo theme park


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