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Disney and more Surveys Results : Here Are DLP Fans Favorite Choices of Lands and Attractions For DLP Future !

So, after two weeks during which each of you were free to place your choice and vote for future lands and attractions that you wish to see coming to Disneyland Paris or the Walt Disney Studios, the surveys have now ended and here are the results! First of all i wish to thanks all of you who took the time to participate and i'm happy to say that almost each survey - to which it was possible to answer only one time - had more than 1800 votes - except the "TOT or GoG" survey that i added later and which didn't had the same number of days to answer to it. 1800 answers and votes is enough to be a reliable "statistic sample", as they say, and i hope that the good folks at DLP Imagineering will have a closer look at these and take them in consideration for DLP or WDS future additions. So, let's have a look at these answers in details, shall we?

The question to the first survey was: "Choose ONE ride only for Disneyland Paris park" and had 1860 votes! And the ride which had the more votes was Indiana Jones Adventure with 29%, followed by Splash Mountain with 25% and a Beauty and the Beast ride with 25%.

Next survey question was "Choose THREE new rides for DLP park" and had 1834 votes. And the winning rides are: Indiana Jones Adventure ( again! ) with 65%, and Splash Mountain and a Beauty and the Beast ride with 65% also. It's interesting to see that in both surveys the three same rides got the three most votes. Although Splash Mountain is a long time favorite of DLP fans i wouldn't count on it - unfortunately as it's also one of my favorite - as the main reason why they're reluctant to build it is the weather issue, although it did't stopped Imagineers to build it at Tokyo Disneyland where the weather is just as cold as at DLP during winter... The other interesting result is to see how the Indiana Jones Adventure ride, a 20 years old ride, is still the most favorite for DLP fans. So, let's hope  that IJA will finally come in a near future, as they still have kept the land to build it at DLP Adventureland.

Let's have a look now to the next survey which had as question "Choose THREE rides for DLP or WDS" and had 1477 votes. The three most chosen rides were Journey to the Center of the Earth with 77%, Mystic Manor with 69% and Shanghaî Disneyland Pirates of Caribbean with 54%. I don't think any of these will be build in a near future at DLP or WDS, for Mystic Manor and SDL POTC because they are signature rides that they probably want to keep exclusive to HKDL and SDL as they know that overseas guests will come even only for these rides. Journey to the Center of the Earth is different. Although i didn't hear anything about having a "Journey..." ride coming to DLP, i wouldn't consider it as a no-no forever so we'll see...

Next survey was asking to "Choose TWO additions for DLPR", had 1782 votes, and the choices which had the more votes were "A World of Color show" with 74%, followed by "A new Budget Hotel" with 51%, and "A Disney Springs like at WDW" with 36% - with "A  Walt Disney Theatre playing musicals" not far behind with 27%. Obviously DLP fans would prefer a new themed budget hotel than a new 5 stars hotel ( which had only 5% ) so let's hope DLP will hear about this. World of Color show as the first choice with 74% is of course no big surprise.

Next survey question was "Choose THREE rides for the WDS", had 1768 votes, and the winners are: Star Wars Land E-Ticket ride with 84%, Pandora Flight of Passage with 53% and an Avengers ride ( like the one coming to HKDL ) with 45%. But the most interesting in the survey are the ones which were the LESS chosen, i.e a Marvel Heroes Stunt Show which had only 9% and a Guardian of Galaxy ride replacing Tower of Terror with 8%, the less wished of all available choices.

Talking about a Guardians of Galaxy ride, i did a survey "only" to ask if DLP fans wish to have it replacing the Tower of Terror - with a "yes" or "no" answer. Because the survey was posted later and had less days for answering to it it had 1106 votes, which is still a significant number, and the votes are: "NO" at 86% and "YES" at 13%, which makes things pretty clear if it was needed. A vast majority of DLP fans ( 86% is the highest score for votes to ANY of all surveys choices ) are saying NO, we don't want the Tower of Terror to be changed for a Guardians of Galaxy ride. Lets hope that DLPI will hear this if they don't want to face infuriated fans...

Next survey was asking "Choose ONE favorite land for the WDS", had 1709 votes, and the land which had the more votes is "A Beauty and the Beast land" with 34%, followed by Star Wars land with 29% and an Avatar land with 12%. I remind you that only ONE choice was possible in this survey, contrary to the next one below.

The last survey asked to "Choose the THREE favorite lands you wish for the WDS", had 1715 votes, and this time it was possible to vote for three favorite choices. The most chosen are Star Wars land and a Beauty and the Beast land with exactly 60% each, followed by an Avatar land with 37%. Not far behind is a Marvel land in fourth position with 32%. Although the choice of a Star Wars land or Avatar land didn't surprised me, the one of a Beauty and the Beast land as the favorite did surprised me a bit more, specially for the WDS as it's a land that you expect to see coming more in DLP Fantasyland...

And that's it for the surveys! And now what, you ask? Well, now i'm going to make sure that these results will reach DLP Imagineering - even if i know they are following Disney and more - and hope that they will take your choices in consideration ...something that we will now when the big and highly awaited placemaking announcement will finally happen, hopefully before the end of the year, so you should not have too long to wait to see if your wishes will be fulfilled! Thanks again a LOT to all of you who took the time to answer to these surveys!

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