Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fight During Donald Trump Audio-Animatronic Speech at Disneyworld Hall of Presidents

We knew it was coming and it didn't took long as you will see on the video below, showing people who yell and argue during Trump's speech in the Hall of Presidents attraction! Apparently, listening to the audio, it ended with a fight between guests, though the video don't show it.

Video: copyright Ian R


Sean Fernandez said...

Both parties are to blame here.

It's so sad that guests fighting over this. Really it is. It ruins the attraction for those who want to see it for US History and Disney History and gives the magic kingdom a big blemish.

I don't understand why you'd go see it if you knew President Trump was in it in the first place just to heckle it to a crowd of nobody.

And for the other guest to get involved is completely unnecessary which escalated it to a fight which I'm sure both guests have been banned either for Life or for some time at the Walt Disney world resort.

What an age we live in.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the view a lot that both parties are to blame. I'm sure there are a ton of videos out there of Obama animatronic being yelled at. I searched but couldn't find any to post. Which I found strange since the Obama speaking part version of the Hall of Presidents has been out for eight years while this new version with Trump has been out for just a few weeks. Please post if anyone can find a video of the Obama animatronic being heckled?

Tarwork said...

Well, if people get angry over this, that probably means the animatronic is more realistic-looking than we had first expected.

David C said...


Republicans and conservative Americans are FAR MORE respectful than Democrats and progressive voters. That is why you found no evidence of the Obama animatronic being heckled while the Trump figure caused an argument within just a few weeks of appearing.

Anyone who finds my claim objectionable can simply compare the HYSTERICAL attitude of the left-leaning media towards President Trump with the eight year coverage of President Obama by both left-wing and right-wing news organizations.