Sunday, February 4, 2018

Will "Tokyo DisneySky" Be The Third Theme Park of Tokyo Disney Resort With Star Wars and Avatar Lands ?

The big news of the day - which is still a rumor so far - is about a third theme park named Tokyo DisneySky to be build at Tokyo Disney Resort! The news is coming from a Mainichi Shimbun article and this 3rd park is rumored to include a Star Wars land and an Avatar land so the name “Tokyo DisneySky" starts to make more sense… as well as the strange "L" shape of the park - that you can see on the TDR Explorer above - as they could build a Star Wars land in the lower part and an Avatar land in the upper one ( or the contrary ). If they put Star Wars land in the upper part of the "L" shape TDL Tomorrowland and Space Mountain so there will be a kind of continuity in the background and i'm betting on this location for the Star Wars land. Another good news is coming from a TDR official who said that they “want to build a park with only one in the world, like Tokyo DisneySea”, and with this odd shape it surely will be.

Jump to TDR Explorer HERE and to WDWNT HERE to learn more about this exciting news which, by the way, has of course not be confirmed by TDR which just released a statement this Sunday morning saying "that it has made no such announcement". The interesting part of the statement is that they don't deny it, or say that it's wrong, but only that they didn't announced such thing which of course we had noticed already... I have the feeling that you can put your bets on this one, and wait until April or May when it the expected announcement will happen!

Picture by TDR Explorer

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Matthieu Cyrus Saghezchi said...

The shape and size of this park make this rumor hard to believe.

First of all, this patch of land would make for a very unusual shaped park. The distribution of lands would be linear, like a "corridor". They'd probably have to design a transportation system (Skyway?) as well as wide walkways to avoid major gridlocks and distribute the crowds evenly. I can easily see the end of that "corridor" empty in the morning while the first couple of lands are super busy.

Second issue is the size. If Star Wars land and Pandora are a part of it, there's only room for two-three more lands roughly the same size. Not sure if this will make for a full day park. More like Walt Disney Studios in Paris... With TDL and TDSea right next door, the comparison will be tough.

Unless they're able to buy the nearby hotels and demolish them. Only then can we envision something worthwhile. And let's not forget that a significant part of this "available" land needs to be turned into a HUGE multi-story parking structure.