Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Universal Studios Japan Counter-Attack and Reveal Concept Arts of USJ New Nighttime Parade to Debut May 17 !

We've seen earlier today the new "Dreaming Up" parade which just debut at Tokyo Disneyland for its 35th Anniversary, - see article below - and with a perfect sense of timing Universal Studios Japan counter-attack and just revealed new concept arts for USJ "Universal Spectacle Night Parade – Best of Hollywood" which will debut May 17! The parade war is on in Japan!

The parade will pay tribute to four different movies, with sections for “Harry Potter,” “Jurassic World,” “Minions,” and “Transformers” for which it will be the first appearance at Universal Studios Japan, as the Transformers attraction isn't built yet there. Although there will be floats and entertainers for each movie, it will be a very different kind of parade than the Disney one as, first, it's a nighttime parade and, two, it will use projection mapping to immerse guests in the different movie worlds.

Below, the trailer also released by fUniversal Studios Japan for the new parade.

Pictures and videos : copyright Universal Studios Japan

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