Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Islands of Adventure : Latest Pictures and Videos of Harry Potter Roller Coaster Construction Site

D&M has the latest pictures and videos of the construction site of the new Harry Potter roller coaster at Islands of Adventure - shot this week from Hogsmeade train station and as you'll see there is still plenty of work to do before it will open next year at IOA. I remind you that the coaster is rumored to be a motocoaster with guests boarding Hagrid's motorbike and its sidecar and going through the Forbidden Forest.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what to think about this new rollercoaster. In my opinion (and without having seen the final product), it somewhat breaks with the thematic concept of the Wizarding World. So far, the Wizarding World has tried to offer the perfect illusion: no rollercoaster tracks, no Coke products, no standard souvenir shops, etc. This is especially true for Dragon Alley, which is the newest addition to the Wizarding World. I'm not sure whether this rollercoaster will break this illusion. Story-wise, it simply doesn't make sense to have motorcycles on a track. Will this attraction therefore break the perfect illusion because it reminds you that you're in a theme park? Maybe I'm too critical, or I don't believe enough in the suspension ion disbelief. What is your opinion?