Sunday, June 10, 2018

Disneyland Pirates of Caribbean Re-Open with New Ride Scenes - Full HD Videos

Pirates of Caribbean reopened at Disneyland Anaheim with of course the changes in the auction scene, There's no longer the Davy Jones mist projection, and  instead there is now a cool change from skeleton to pirate special effect with an Audio-Animatronic octopus below it. This is really a cool visual effect because you can't see the trick at first sight. You think of course about the use of a mirror, and it's probably the case but it's very well done.

The auction scene in Pirates the ride has also been updated as well with the red head being now a pirate.

Watch Imagineer Kim Irvine telling you more about this new DLP POTC update.

And now, enjoy the full ride and discover the new scenes with this SoCal Attractions 360 Full HD Video!

Disneyland guests can also find now at New Orleans Square a new character from the ride, as Redd Pirate - the former "red head" - appeared three days ago around New Orleans Square and is already very popular. Here is a video of her interacting with guests, posted by Inside the Magic.

Video: copyright SoCal Attractions 360, Disney, Inside the Magic

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