Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Great Interview of WDI Imagineer Tim Delaney

Defunctland has posted on Youtube a fantastic audio-only interview of Imagineer Tim Delaney, talking about his life as an Imagineer, the projects he worked on, the making of Disneyland Paris and with many insider stories you've never heard! Don't miss this great interview with Tim!

On the pictures above and below, Tim Delaney who was show producer of DLP Discoveryland, Epcot Living Seas, HKDL Tomorrowland, DCA Paradise Pier, and more, stands with a "naked" WDI Audio-Animatronic during a special shooting that we did with Eric Sander, a good friend of mine photographer, 20 years ago at WDI!

Enjoy Tim interview in the audio-only Youtube video below!

Pictures: copyright Disney and more - Eric Sander

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Matthew said...

Fun Fact: The "naked" Audio-Animatronic was one of the most advanced figures at WDI (circa 1989/90). It was programmed to sing Joe Cocker's, "Feelin' Alright." The heads on the table were his back up singers and would suddenly spring to life and sing and sway side to side. It was so much fun to watch and also watch other people's reaction.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle