Monday, June 11, 2018

Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom Short Review

I've been in theater yesterday to watch Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom, and i quite enjoyed it a lot. I've seen there is plenty of reviews from people who didn't enjoyed it but here is what you need to know to don't fall in a misunderstanding: if you've not watched it yet, definitely watch the final trailer below. And have a closer look at the poster above, too. Because all you need to know to don't be disappointed is there.

In two words, if you're awaiting a film like the first Jurassic World or even the Jurassic Park movies, happening entirely on Nublar Island then you're on for a big disappointment because less than the first half of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is happening on the Island that everybody - including the dinos - try to escape because of a volcano eruption. As clearly written on the posters "the park is gone". So, don't expect a ride in Jurassic World because that won't happen. No 2, as you can also clearly see in the trailer below, the saved dinos are moved in the U.S in a huge gothic manor to be put in auction - there is a reason for that but i don't tell you which one.

So, THIS is the storyline, you may not like it and the second part of Fallen Kingdom happen quite behind closed doors, but personally i didn't mind about it. I'd rather see Dinos moving inside a gothic mansion than in a kitchen like in the first Jurassic Park movie... The story has some parts a bit hard to swallow but we know that nothing of this is real - or can be real - and that Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is basically a pop corn movie, so don't ask too much. That said, what Fallen Kingdom does, it does it pretty well and personally i enjoyed it more than the previous Jurassic World which i found a bit frustrating as i thought it didn't had enough sequences showing the park. Anyway, if you go to see it knowing that it's a very different Jurassic Park movie than the one we saw before - in two words: if you take it like it is and not what you would like it to be - then you should have a pretty good time watching it as it is well filmed and played and ILM wizards have again improved the CGI Dinosaurs, specially the skin, it's really impressive.

One more thing: the end is totally "open" so you can be sure that a third Jurassic World movie will come anytime soon!

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