Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Disneyland Picture That You Will Never See Again

Here is a B&W picture showing the back of the Disneyland Railroad shortly after park opening, and you won't see today ANYTHING which is on this picture. No way that Disney will shoot and release today a picture with kids holding themselves at the back of the train with the body over the safety bar, and certainly not surrounded by sexy saloon girls also themselves in dangerous positions over the track. But in 1955 shooting a picture like this was no problem and no one would have thought to complain or sue Disney for that, and it was not even a bad PR shot.

So, what has changed? More politically correctness certainly, but also much more stupidity from people. Back in 1955 everybody would have take the pictures for what it is and not for what it is not - Disney was not promoting dangerous behavior aboard the train, neither anything between young boys and saloon girls but just fun at Disneyland. But today, the era is not the same and you can be sure that you'll find quickly some people who would find the picture outrageous and "promoting blah blah blah"... when there is nothing else that this picture wanted to promote except Disneyland and its railroad.

Picture: copyright Disney

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