Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Tomorrowland Dream Comes True

Here is a post that i've titled "A Tomorrowland Dream Comes True" as it really is the case. It's about Virgin Galactic spaceship which will take its first passengers in Space in a near future - so far some happy few who have enough money to pay for the expensive trip in space but the future of space flight for non-Astronauts, that is to say for people like you and me but just with more money than us, will become a reality, as you'll see with these videos showing the latest tests and that the spaceship is now able to go in the mesosphere, the layer of the Earth's atmosphere that is directly above the stratosphere! .

The first video below will show you the Virgin Galactic ground crew preparing the VSS Unity and VMS Eve for a flight - right up until they pull chocks for taxi and take-off.

This next video shows Virgin Galactic new SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity took to the skies for the first time, but not yet in outer space. The interesting part starts at 0.40 min

Things become serious with the next video showing the first rocket-powered, supersonic flight with Virgin Galactic Chief Pilot, Dave Mackay

With the next video, posted three days ago and which marks the third powered flight and a key step forward in Virgin Galactic’s test program, the dream come true and this time we're in outer space!

In a near future Virgin Galactic flight will become - if i can say - more affordable and may be we won't flight in space this life but in the next one or it will be for the one of your children, but there is no doubt that a long awaited Tomorrowland dream is becoming reality very soon!

Videos: copyright Virgin Galactic - Watch more Virgin Galactic videos HERE.

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