Tuesday, July 10, 2018

D&M Exclusive: Universal Orlando "Harry Potter Forbidden Forest" Coaster Track Now in Place 4K Video

We're back at Orlando with a new incredible video, this time at Universal Studios, showing the construction site of the awaited "Harry Potter Forbidden Forest" coaster, the one you can see below on this drone picture posted by Bioreconstruct.

As you'll see in the video, the coaster track has been laid on the highly anticipated Forbidden Forest family-friendly coaster that looks to be launching forward and will also have a backwards section. The construction is moving fast and should be open by 2019 to compete with Star Wars Land!

This will be for sure one of the most thrilling moment of the ride as the train will go up this almost vertical piece of track before stopping briefly and then running backward through a show building.

Okay, here is the great construction site video and there is more about the Forbidden Forest coaster after it!

Now, as i'm sure you want to learn a bit more of what to expect in this incredible coaster, watch this video posted by Alicia Stella, in which she describes all the ride and the scenes you'll go through. Although Alicia says that her description is based on rumors most of it seems to be confirmed, so no need to say that there is a spoiling alert here!

There is more as Amusementinsider has posted a CGI video of the ride, based on the most recent rumors and description.

The Harry Potter Forbidden Forest coaster ride will open in 2019, and from what i've been told they're moving at 100mph on the project as Universal Orlando wants be ready and open it before DHS Star Wars Land opening.

Pictures: copyright Universal, Warner

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