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DCA Marvel Land : Is There Enough Space at California Adventure to Build the E-Ticket Avengers Ride?

After Monday's article talking about the Spiderman attraction coming to Disney's California Adventure HERE we'll have a look today to check if there is enough room at DCA if Disney wants to build in DCA Marvel land the big E-Ticket Avengers ride coming to HKDL in 2023, the one that you can see the building on the left part of the above below, the right part showing what is already built, the building totally on the right under the Avengers plane is where was previously the Buzz Lightyear ride and where HKDL Imagineers currently create the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! attraction, as the name of the new ride was revealed today.

First, i remind you that on all three posters announcing the Marvel lands at HKDL, DCA and DLP WDS the Avengers plane is clearly visible on the posters. Note however that it doesn't necessarily mean that the Avengers attraction will be built in each park as the theme of the posters is basically "Assemble with the Avengers" and not mention specifically an Avengers ride.

That said, let's try to check what space would be needed for the Avengers ride by having a look with Google Earth to HKDL Tomorrowland from above. The great thing with Google Earth is that you can define a zone and it tells you how many square meter ( or square feet ) it makes. So, the yellow lines of the polygon on the satellite view below is where i think will be built the Avengers ride in HKDL Tomorrowland, according to the artwork.

Google Earth tells us that it makes a space of 12019 square meters ( or 129372 square feet ). 12000 sqm is a huge space for a show building. To give you an idea DLP Pirates of Caribbean show building which is the biggest one at Disneyland Paris makes a bit less than that, and this when is count the outdoor entrance area and the POTC shop as well as the Blue Lagoon restaurant.

So, let's see now if there is a space more or less as big as 12019 sqm at California Adventure. Almost every fan know they will use the space / parking lot located behind Cars Land or Tower of Terror, something confirmed regularly by sources and rumors. But do they have a space here big enough for the same Avengers ride?

The answer is ...yes, they do as, as you can see on the satellite view below the polygon i did makes 12619 sqm! ( 135830 sqf ). You'll notice that i didn't include the green buildings with white roof on the right. There is a reason for that as these building are where the Food and Wine Festival food is coming from. Cast members have to walk across that parking lot with a food Cambro to deliver food to each market place during the festival. At DCA the market places are starting from the entrance area of Bugs Land and ending at Golden Zephyr, in Paradise Pier across from the Little Mermaid ride, so far away from this parking lot behind the TOT.

Anyway, to make a long story short, DCA Imagineers do have the needed space to build the Avengers ride at DCA with the ride show building in the back of that space and the front of the Avengers ride that you can see on the HKDL artwork closer to the TOT. I remind you that the Bugs Land area on the left will be gone soon too, giving some space don't have everything too close to each other. Note that the fact they have the room available doesn't mean that they will necessary build the ride, so far and until an official announcement it just mean that if they want to build the Avengers ride, they have the space for it.

We're not done yet as there is a third poster where the Avengers plane can be seen, and it's the one for DLP WDS Marvel land. First, i remind you that on the artwork released showing WDS expansion an Avengers plane can be seen on the left, near the entrance of the current stunt show ( picture below ). Meaning that the Avengers plane probably will be there when they'll open the Marvel land but not the Avengers ride, which by the way has not been announced yet.

Now, considering the needed space for the Avengers ride building and that it must be located in the upcoming WDS Marvel land, there is not hundred locations where they can put it. Unfortunately the best and bigger location for it is where currently is the Moteurs, Action! stunt show. However, as this Avengers ride wouldn't be added to WDS Marvel land before 2025 and most probably not before ten years, chances are that they'll keep the stunt show with a Marvel re-theming until at least 2025. And then, if they want to use the space for the Avengers ride it will be always time to destroy the stunt show area to have the needed room available for the Avengers show building.

But, wait, how many square meters makes the stunt show area? Is there at least the needed 12000 square meters for the Avengers show building? Thanks to the next Google Earth satellite view below we learn that the answer is yes as the space defined by the polygon i did makes ...17297 square meters! Again, it doesn't mean they will build the Avengers ride, it just mean that they'll have the room to build it if they wish.

Well, at least we know now that in both three parks they have the needed space to build this awaited Avengers ride which will be a major E-Ticket ride, the equivalent to Marvel lands to what will be the Battle Escape ride to Star Wars lands in terms of awesomeness, though of course totally different inside.

Pictures: copyright Disney, Google Earth

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