Friday, July 13, 2018

Breaking : Incredible New Details For Tokyo DisneySea's Frozen, Raiponce and Peter Pan Lands!

We have amazing new details about Tokyo DisneySea's expansion and more specifically the size of each land or rides! The text below is a Google translation from original article HERE. This is a raw translation from the Japanese original text, slightly enhanced by me:

Tokyo Disney Sea Expansion: 23 buildings including motion base attractions and water flow rides!

A facility outline of the Tokyo DisneySea large scale expansion project Oriental Land plans for Urayasu, Chiba prefecture becomes more clear:
TDS expansion will consists of a hotel building with a total of 71,700 square meters, a total of 7630 square meters for a motion base attraction, a total of 3620 square meters for a first flume ride, a total of 8910 square meters for a second flume ride of same B. The total size of 23 buildings is 103,040 square meters. The total construction area is 49,750 square meters, the highest height is 38.2 m of the hotel building. Nikken Sekkei is in charge of the design, the construction company is undecided. It is aiming for completion in March, 2023.

Full view of the new theme port:

The project includes a new theme port in three areas that recreates the world of Disney movies "Frozen", "Rapunzel" and "Peter Pan" with 4 attractions, and 475 rooms of the highest rank Disney hotel with 2 restaurants and other facilities. Investment amount is about 250 billion yen.

Name and scale of facilities in 23 buildings are as follows:

Peter Pan land: Motion base attraction = 2 floors total 7630 m 2 - Pirate ship = 150 m² - Lockwork building = the same 100 m² - Restaurant A = 1750 m² - Self-propelled ride = 540 ㎡ - Standing warehouse building A = same 10 ㎡.

7630 sqm for a Peter Pan ride is never seen before,  if the numbers are right this will be a huge show building and promise an exciting ride for Peter Pan fans!

Raiponce and Frozen lands: flume ride A = 2 stories total 3620 m² - flume ride A entry building = 15 m² - Restaurant B, restaurant C = 2 floors total 4640 m² - flume ride B = 2 stories total 8910 m² - standing warehouse building B = 10 m² built in a flat store - Area rest room = 280 m² - Merchant store = 100 m² - Ice / drink wagon = 50 m² - Popcorn wagon = 20 m² - Product wagon = 20 m² - Vending machine = 30 m².

In the numbers above i think we can take as principle that the "flume ride A" is the Raiponce ride when the "flume ride B" is the Frozen one. Still, 3620 sqm on two stories for the Raiponce flume ride is not small at all. And 8910 sum for the Frozen ride on two stories is huge.

New Hotel Building = Underground to 1st Floor to 9th Floor Building: Total 71,170m² - Hotel Security Booth (Employee Plaza) = 20m² in Hiraya - Higashiya = 45m² - CEP Building (Energy Center) = 3 stories total 3380 m² - Area branch office (private electric facility) = 220 m² built in a flat shop.
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