Saturday, July 28, 2018

More About Epcot World Showcase Brazil Pavilion Rumor

Among the big rumors for WDW there is the one about a supposedly coming Brazil pavilion at Epcot World Showcase, to be built between the Germany pavilion and the Italy pavilion which is a bit strange as there is much more space on the right of the Germany pavilion. Anyway, there is a lot of good reasons to think that it will be natural to have a Brazil pavilion at Epcot - Brazil is the biggest country of South America and there is no pavilion yet for South American countries, in addition to the fact that a lot of Brazilians also visit Walt Disney World - but it doesn't mean that it's necessarily enough reasons for Disney to build a new World Showcase pavilion, especially if the country is not ready to finance it.

However, it doesn't mean that Disney never thought about a Brazil pavilion - hey, Disney years ago was even thinking to build a Disney theme park in Rio de Janeiro, and they probably will do it someday - as some concept-arts supposedly for a Brazil pavilion have surfaced and been posted on the WDWMagic forum some months ago.

You have them above and below and it looks to me that more than a final concept for the pavilion it was some presentation artworks to show people in Brazil government what the pavilion will pay tribute to. No surprise we find various landmarks of the country, including the famous Christ Redeemer at the top of Rio Corcovado, the famous design of Copacabana sidewalk, as well as a typical Brazilian village from last century, of course the famous Iguaçu Falls, Rio Carnaval scenes, colored birds from Brazil tropical forest, football scenes, and more about Brazil technology. Something even seems to be the title of an attraction which would be named eventually "Flying over Brazil" but i'm not sure that when these renderings were done flying theaters like Soarin' already existed.

Insights and Sounds even posted yesterday HERE a picture of what is supposed to be the original WDI model for a Brazil pavilion, and it sure looks to be it, but most probably a model done 20 years ago or more. Mark Taft note that an attraction with the Three Caballeros ( currently in the Mexico pavilion ) could find naturally its place in a Brazil pavilion with the current ride in the Mexico pavilion rethemed with a Coco theme, which will fit even better for Mexico, and i agree with him.

Future will tell, and probably soon, if the Brazil pavilion rumor is right or not, in the meantime just cross the fingers that it becomes reality!

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