Friday, November 30, 2018

Disneyland Paris Frontierland & Phantom Manor Update

Here we go for a new DLP update, this time all about Frontierland AND the  awaited reopening of Phantom Manor, thanks to pictures shot by Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster. Phantom Manor reopening has many delays and was expected to finally on February 16, but recently we learned that, finally, it won't be before April.

About this new delay of Phantom Manor reopening, as many of you are asking me what is happening, here it is: basically it’s simply technical issues which takes longer than expected to be solved. DLP Imagineers are doing some changes in the ride - don’t worry, all Phantom Manor most famous and beloved scenes will be untouched - but some elements will be enhanced and there will be some things really new that i can’t talk about here. As usual in life, sometime everything runs smoothly and sometime not and it takes more time. In addition, as you know, Phantom Manor is an attraction using the Omnimover, i.e everything must be correctly synchronized with the endless passage of each doom buggy, something which is sometime more easy to say than to do. But with a bit of luck everything will be finally ready for a reopening before April, though probably not before the end of February. So, Phantom Manor might have a reopening sooner than April, except if DLP wants to keep the reopening for DLP 27th Anniversary on April 12.

The outeside area of Phantom Manor has been entirely renovated and the work is remarkable with a high quality result. Whether it’s the woods, the scenery, the gardens, everything hass been renovated. Among the novelties we can notice the new lighst that surround the house, but also new smooth staircases facing the main gate of the manor for access to the paying Fast Pass that will be proposed as soon as the attraction will reopen. in April with 7 months of delay on the initial reopening date.

After several months of interruption, the geysers are working again!

Let's move to the other end of Frontierland to discover the progress of tthe works on the site of the new Chaparral Theater. Construction is moving fast, and fortunately as its opening is scheduled for summer 2019. The foundations have been done and the walls will be installed soon. The area can't be accessed for now as guests can't move further than the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue and can't even access even to Cottonwood Creek Ranch area by train as DLP railroad is stopped until March, officially.

You can see the aesthetics of the new room. The colors used are warmer than those of the other buildings in the land. Here are again the blueprints of the new Chaparral theatre.

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Videos: copyright DLP Welcome, D&M

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