Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Holovis Announces "Li-Fly", a Revolutionary Flying Theater

Holovis announced at IAAPA a new kind of flying theatre attraction concept which will revolutionize the flying theater experience as we know it. It's called Li-Fly and it uses a unique 3-DOF motion system that holds and tilts passengers into a vertical position before moving them over an ultra-high-resolution dome.

“We have advanced this popular attraction format from a traditional passive lean-back experience into an active one that actually delivers true sensations of flying,” says Holovis creative director, Peter Cliff and the company is apparently already in talks with several potential clients.

Right now, in normal flying theaters you're comfortably sit, on different levels depending of the row you choose but with Li-Fly you'll be in a totally horizontal position like one can experience in a flying coaster, for instance. Not as comfortable probably but it should provide a higher sensation of flying, specially considering all what the system can do as explained in a Blooloop article:

"The scalable attraction features surge (forward and backwards motion), one metre of heave (up and down movement) and seats that rotate through a full 360-degrees. With this combination of movements – plus the lying rather than sitting riding position – guests soar through the media content as if truly flying."

"Holovis has also unveiled a second model called Li-Fly Hex. This comes with 6-DOF motion including rotational and directional movement on three perpendicular axis. These are pitch (forward and backwards tilt), roll (side to side), yaw (left and right turn), heave (up and down) and sway (left to right)."

"Both Li-Fly and Li-Flex are offered as multisensory experiences combining visuals, audio, perfectly synched motion, SFX and real-time media. These are connected to data capture mechanics that measure rider reactions to take passengers on a personalised journey.

The multi-projector array in the dome is perfectly aligned, geometrically set up and colour matched using Holovis’s proprietary PixControl solution. This laser-based auto-alignment system ensures the projected images are pixel perfect every time. The system is simple to operate for non-technical staff.

The Holovis Hifiniti immersive dome audio surrounds each guest with a 7:2 shower of directional sound and audio effects, delivering an uncompromised spatial experience. Crossfades between multiple asynchronous audio tracks are also programmed to give smooth transitions between scenes and key creative triggers in the real-time media."

Now, there is no better way to explain what Li-Fly can do than to watch this Holovis video below, so have a look and let us know in the comments what you think and if you like to have this flying theatre system in a Disney theme park!

Picture and video: copyright Holovis

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