Sunday, January 6, 2019

Disneyland Resort Line Cast-Member Magazine Post Exclusive Pictures of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Attractions

Disneyland Resort LINE is a Disney Cast member magazine, and they've posted great pictures of Galaxy's Edge attractions vehicles, actually the best we've seen until now, showing ( above ) the cocpit of teh Millenium Falcon ride and ( below ) the ride vehicle of teh Rise of the Resistance ride and the inside of teh Millenium Falcon.

Bob Iger evealed during an onterview with Barron's that Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland will open in June, and it'll be most probably - if no delay - around the third week-end of June, though there may be some AP soft-opening before. That said, there will be a price to pay to enjoy Star Wars Land as the Los Angeles Times announced today HERE that ticket and parking prices at Disneyland Resort will increase on a week or so as much as 25%...

Pictures: copyright Disney

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