Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disneyland Paris World of Disney Store Video

You saw last week some pics of the new World of Disney Store to open at Disneyland Paris on July 12, and today let's have a closer look at it with this excellent video posted on Youtube by Disneyland Paris. The store will be twice as big as the current Disney Store in the Disney Village and, good news, it will have exclusive merchandise products. The two Mickey and Minnie bronze statues are in fact coming from the NY Disney Store ( i knew i had seen them somewhere! ).

video: copyright Disney

Photo: copyright News Parcs

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  1. Disney California inaugure Cars Land, Orlando un nouveau fantasyland, Tokyo Disneyland le superbe Toy Story Mania et sa thématique, HKong deux nouvelles attractions, et Paris... une boutique de produits bas de gamme pour son 20e anniversaire !


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