Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Black Hole

Something not about to theme parks, today. If you don't follow me on Facebook where i've posted this question yesterday, here it is: The question was: Here is a very simple question and the first one who find the right answer will have a cool gift - really cool, it worth to spend a bit of time to find the answer: So, WHAT is the picture below SYMBOLICALLY represents. It's an artist view of something in the universe, and that's the easy part to find. But the question is not there: i've choose this picture to represents something else "symbolically", and that's what you have to find, as well as to explain why.

The answer was (almost ) found by D&M reader Shawn Farell, and here is the explanation but first, this: As you may have noticed each person has a kind of different “energy”. And i’m not talking here about energy in terms of being weak or strong but by the different energies has defined by the Chinese. energetic medicine, also known as acupuncture, one of the oldest and smartest medicine in the world as it takes the problem by the start ( the thought, the emotions ) instead than taking it by the end like occidental medicine does. So, some people have a peaceful energy which they communicate and succeed to make you also peaceful when you leave them, these are people ruled by the WATER energy. Others can be so nervous inside that when you get out of the meeting they made you just as nervous as they were, etc… and these are people ruled by the WOOD energy. And then there is some people energy which is pure FIRE. Now you have two kind of fire, the creative one and the destroying one. The Fire which destroys is basically a swirling energy, like a twister of fire which suck and destroy everything on its path.

Now, some months ago i had sent this image to a friend of mine. As you probably have guessed it’s an artist rendering of a black hole. Black holes are the most destructive force in the universe and they’re invisible, so there is no pictures of them, only artist renderings. Depending of the artist the renderings have different colors and i choose this one with an orange color, just for the fun and here is why. As i was saying to my friend in the email: " Look at the picture below. What do you think it is? Looks like a black hole sucking all energy and everything around it? Yep, that’s what it is. And it’s also the best analogy of what Donald Trump is. Trump IS like a black hole. His main energy is “fire” and it’s a swirling fire, a destructive energy which, like a twister, suck and destroy EVERYTHING or ANYONE passing nearby. And it’s not an allegory, it is EXACTLY what is happening because that’s how Trump energetic system is working.”

Now, months have passed and just look back to all of these people who have been indicted by the special council, and of course yesterday Paul Manafort AND Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen who now both face potential years in prison ( up to 80 years for Manafort ). Manafort is not indicted for what he did with Trump but he would never have been in jail if he hadn’t been hired to take care of Trump campaign. THAT’s the point, he wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t APPROACH the "black hole" Trump. And Michael Cohen agreed to do the dirty work and pay the women for Trump and now he also faces years in jail ( 8 years so far ). And i don’t talk about the others already charged, coming soon, the Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, etc.. and i don’t talk either of all the others who have worked for Trump ( because they wanted their share of power, or money, or glory, you name it ) and who have been fired by him after months of humiliation. It's all about "fire" or "to be fire-d" - remember when Trump was threatening North Korea of "fire and fury"? - and days before he announced he was running for Presidency he said to a friend - according to his biographer - "Watch out, because from the moment i will announce that i'm running i will suck the air all around". That's indeed what happened and it couldn't be more close to what a black hole is doing in real...

So, think about Trump like a black hole, a force that you can’t escape and which sucks and destroys everything on its path if you're too close to it, and you’ll get it. And by the way, it don’t destroy only people, it destroys everything and won’t stop anytime soon. Not because Trump is evil, or stupid, or egomaniac ( although… ) but simply and only because that’s how its energetic system works: it’s a swirling fire that destroys everything, whether it’s people, values, and even dreams.

Editing: Always about Trump,Things didn't go well for Trump these last days if you've followed the news, with some of his closest collaborators "flipping" and putting him in potential legal jeopardy. For decades, Trump has obsessed over magazine covers with his face on them. They hang all over his office in Trump Tower. There will be some doozies on newsstands next week that he might not like, like the next Time magazine cover depicting the president treading water".

Picture: copyright TIME Magazine

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