Sunday, August 5, 2007

Walt Disney Imagineering Audio-Animatronics Behind the scenes - Photos and Videos

Last time, the "Behind the scenes series" was dedicated to the Pirates of Caribbean attraction, an Audio-Animatronics delight. So, it's a perfect transition with this new Behind the scenes topic where we will have a closer look to the history of the Audio-Animatronics and how they are built and programmed. And i have found really great videos for you, so stay to the end!

The above and following pictures show the Imagineers at work on the AA programming at Disneyland Paris version of "Pirates"

As you can see, there is no water filled yet inside the attraction.

The next big AA show at the end of the 60's was of course the Country Bear Jamboree.

And it was time for the Imagineers to go back behind their console to program these wonderful bears.

Then, in 1976, came the "America sings" attraction, and there was really a lot of Audio-Animatronics to program on this one!

The following pictures are related to the Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor's Audio-Animatronics programming whether it's the skeleton's of the graveyard...

Or one ghost of the grand ballroom

It's time now to have a look at some videos , and let's begin by the beginning.
But, by the way, how did the story of the Audio-Animatronics begin...oh, yes, with a bird...

This next video will tell you more about the history of the Audio-Animatronics, introduce by WDI Imagineer Marty Sklar. But you will see, too, the former Imagineer and master programmer Dave Feiten. You may don't know it, but it thanks to him that we have some of the most realistic movements in Disney's Audio-Animatronics.
Here, he is at work on programming the bears of the Country Bear Jamboree

And don't miss this last and fantastic video who will take you inside WDI secrets in the making of the Audio-Animatronics!

Photos and videos: copyright Disney

All my thanks to the different people who have posted these videos on youtube!

A private visit inside Walt Disney's private apartment and Club 33

What about having a closer look at Disneyland's most secret places?

The Club 33 and Walt Disney's private apartment are really places where only some happy few can go, and today, as i've found videos for you, you'll be able to get in!

Walt Disney's private apartment is located above the Fire Department in Disneyland's Town Square.

And here is a private walk through...

The Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square, and if you don't have your member card, no need to ring at the door!

"Station Village" posted this first video on youtube , and i let him introduce the Club 33 to you : " On a trip to New Orleans, Walt and Lillian Disney personally selected many of the furnishings that were ultimately installed in the club. Unfortunately, Walt died in Dec. 1966, several months before Club 33 would open for business.

Many of the original charms of Club 33 are gone now (Mrs. Disney's butterfly collection; concept art from Disney films; sterling silver table ware; original pen & ink drawings by Heinrich Kley; and even some of the furnighings selected by Academy Award winning set designer, Emile Kuri, have been removed over the years).

Even so, Club 33 is an historic hide-away at Disneyland; still worthy of a visit to the buffet line! And the Beef Wellington... magnifique!"

PaulNaas posted this other video , and it's a walkthrough inside the Club 33 during Christmas season!

Photo of Walt Disney's private apartment: copyright Disney

Great Disneyland wallpaper pictures !

Here is a selection of high-res wallpaper images of Disneyland. Whatever is your favorite land, you will find a great picture. Don't forget to double-click on the one you like to get it in bigger size.

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All photos: copyright Disney

All photos: copyright Disney

Orson Welles magic with Lucille Ball and Dean Martin

Here is a topic for those of you who requested in my poll articles about magic!

Orson Welles, the legendary movie director was also a wonderful magician, and on these two rare videos he performs magic with Lucille Ball and Dean Martin!

It's magic, and it's fun!