Saturday, August 10, 2013

D23 Expo : Disney Archives Exhibit, John Lasseter, Bob Iger welcome videos, and more

D23 released a series of B-Roll videos for medias here is a selection! In this first one Steven Clark introduces the D23 Expo.

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John Lasseter love the D23 Expo and he tells you why!

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Bob Iger welcome, Phineas and Ferb, and D23 fans.

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This next video shows the exterior and the installation of D23 Expo.

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The last video below will show you the Disney Archives exhibit!

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Videos: copyright Disney

Photo: copyright Andy Castro - Dateline Disneyland

Friday, August 9, 2013

D23 Expo Parks and Resorts Pavilion "Journey Into Imagineering " - Part One

That's it, the awaited D23 Expo opened its gates yesterday at Anaheim for three days of excitement and this year the Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion isfantastic exhibit dedicated to Imagineering in which D23 guests will learn more about how the Imagineers creates Disney Parks attractions. Thanks to Andy Castro and Nicholas Miranda's pictures we will have a closer look at this "Journey into Imagineering" and here is the part one of the report.

WDI Imagineer Tom Morris - who was DLP Fantasyland and Sleeping Beauty castle show producer as well as on HKDL, DLP WDS and the acclaimed Cars Land is the Creative Director of "Journey into Imagineering" and WDI Imagineer Dave Fisher is the Show Producer handling all of the logistics and interface. 

The facade of the pavilion is partly inspired by WDI facade at 1401 Flower Street, Glendal and as you will see below, Tom and Dave, along with others WDI Imagineers, did a real good work on this 2013 pavilion.

Let's get in !

D23 guests first enter in the room below where there is a great pre-show film, as usual, you'll be able to see it in a video that i've added at the end of the part two article.

In the model section D23 guests can discover artworks and models of legendary attractions who unfortunately never were, like the Epcot Space pavilion project on which author Ray Bradbury had collaborated.

Also displayed, the model of an important scene of Marc Davis Western River Expedition ride.

The 1955 Disneyland "International Street" model is for sure one which was never seen before!

A great and very interesting model of an early concept for Epcot The Land pavilion!

Next, the model of Mickey's house for Disneyland Toon Town.

Hello Figment!

The 2012 Disney Springs model is also displayed, and this one as we know shows a project that will exist as workdon Disney Springs already began at WDW.

Close to the models is located the "Art Library". According to Andy, The Art Library is a very small walkthrough experience where video screens share background information on several pieces of early Disneyland artwork such as Herb Ryman's original pencil drawing of Disneyland that Walt Disney took to the bankers to get money for Disneyland and the original black light painting of Disneyland that Walt showed the public on television.  No photos or video are allowed in this exhibit because of the delicate nature of the artwork. 

WDI Imagineers had promised something related to future attractions and they didn't lie, there is indeed something about Star Wars and Avatar lands but it looks more like hints for the fans, like the ones for the Star Wars Land with all these wooden crates supposedly sent from the other end of the galaxy and making a stop at D23 before being open at Imagineering. Of course fans will have a closer look to what is written on them as it's precisely the hints.
Okay, let's say that it's better than nothing, even it will be probably less satisfying for the fans than artworks or models, but Disney was not ready yet to do an official announcement and to show more of the Star Wars land concept. The code name for this Star Wars land is "Orange Harvest" which might indicate that it's coming for Florida, the "orange state" but let's not forget that the land on which Disneyland was built was an orange grove before, so you might expect a Star Wars land on both coasts...

My Magic + also have a booth where the technology is presented to D23 guests.

Next is the Illusioneering Lab, showing how WDI special effects are created.

Next is the interesting "Ride Engineering" section where D23 guests learn more about how Imagineers creates a ride.

Disney Parks also put online this video with Imagineer Dave Fisher telling you more about "Journey into Imagineering"!

The part two of this "Journey into Imagineering" exhibit report is now online HERE! Don't miss it and find more Andy Castro reports on the D23 Expo on Mice Age starting tomorrow monday!

Pictures: copyright Andy Castro, Dateline Disneyland