Saturday, July 30, 2016

Disneyland Paris Update: Park Renovations, New Prices for Annual Passports, and more...

I've got a new Disneyland Paris update for you this week-end, as usual thanks to great pictures from Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. We'll have a look at the parks renovations but first, for those of you surprised to see me posting when i said i was stopping and wonder if it was a joke or not - as i said so many times i was stopping and came back after - here is an important note: actually, it was not a joke, i mean: each time i say i'm going to stop is never a joke, either because i'm really tired at that moment, or plan to do something else, etc... So, what happen is that after a few days i recover or some delay happen in what i want to do and then i decide to come back for a while. As a friend of mine Imagineer has said "You have done more retirement farewells than Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones together!". But the truth is, when i come back it's not specially - or "only" - because i love theme parks, but because i love even more to "communicate". 
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Let's go and have a tour of all the park renovations!
With the reopening of Main Street Station and the summer weather, it is very nice to go on the panorama space created during the last renovation, from which you have a sensational view on Town Square, Main Street USA and DLP Castle. 

Early July we noticed Catherine Powell, new CEO of Euro Disney, accompanied by Daniel Delcourt explaining the situation of parks and ongoing renovations. 

Speaking of renovations, the work continues on Big Thunder Mountain with the appearance of scaffoldings on the houses and the lift B. Meanwhile, Phantom Manor tries to survive with more and more effects out of service. Its renovation after the 25th celebration will be a priority in view of its state of disrepair. 
The Cowboy Cookout Barbecue restaurant ended its outdoor renovation of the facade and roof. Apart from a new (and horrible) sign, restaurant stays in its original theme with its animation, and it’s nice to see it! 
All access to Frontierland reopened despite renovations still going on.
At the entrance of Adventureland, the renovation of the bird nest is now finished, the egg is now in place and the nest finally remade after several years of neglect. 
At Colonel Hathi Pizza Outpost, the outdoor furniture has finally arrived. 
They start to withdraw the scaffoldings on Skull Rock as well as the scaffolding of the Swiss Family Treehouse.
The freshly renovated Peter Pan's Flight ride is still stunning. 

Finally, at the entrance of Discoveryland some rocks have been removed to facilitate the guests flow and for a complete renovation of the entrance. 
At Star Tours, a new structure is rising as shown on the Concept art of the future zone. 
The renovation of the castle which is entirely repainted during all summer continues with a pink color paint on a good part of the park icon. 
New speakers have been installed. They renovate the entire parade route audio and lighting system which activates at the passage of the floats. Thus, each pole (structure with audio and lighting) can be activated independently of others, in functions of passing floats. 
A new sound and light pole with a third audio speaker has been also installed on Central Plaza.
For the Bastille Day - July 14 - Disneyland Paris has proposed a new and wonderful Fireworks. The result is perfect. But we are still waiting for France national anthem « La Marseillaise », a bit of patriotism would not do much harm. 

Disneyland Paris is currently conducting polls on annual passports with proposals for new packages including new pricing and advantages in addition to new ones. Those are only polls done by Disney, but it reveals the direction that the company wish to go and the arrival of DLP new CEO Catherine Powell is no coincidence because its former position within the WDC Australia was to upmarket the brand in premium. You will understand, whatever happens that the annual Passport will evolve you in the years to come! Here is one of the many proposals for annual Passport in one of the Disney polls that we compare with the currently available passport. 
PA Disney - DLPW
Our opinion : it is too expensive for the french and European market. In the United States, these prices for DLP annual passport would be perfect but the opposite is not true for Europe. We must compare what is comparable. Annual passports of the two first DLP competitors, Europa Park and PortAventura do not exceed 185€! The good deal is probably to propose a DLP annual passport for €260 without advantages, except all year access to Parks and carparks. Why? done like that, DLP would cancel less expensive passports on which DLP don't make profits and it will offer an alternative between the prices of the surreal polls and the existing passports. A single annual passport, at a cost for the European market which will not compete with 2 or 3 days tickets sold at the parks counters. And we don’t even talk about the lack of attractions, rides, street animations… and of investments comparing Disneyland Paris with the American parks…
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