Monday, April 9, 2007

The Beastly Kingdom that never was

When Animal Kingdom open, even the Beastly Kingdom land logo was at the entrance of the park, and renderings of it were printed in the AK making of book. And then, we know what happened: this Beastly Kingdom land project disappeared and chances to see it built one day are more than low.
It's a pity, because there was some pretty good ideas: a rollercoaster in a castle inhabited by a dragon , a "Fantasia " flume ride, the Quest for the Unicorn labyrinth, full of mythical animals, the Unicorn grotto , and the dragon firing at the boats of the river cruise.
Thanks god, the art-work still exist , and here are some of them, to dream how good it could have been.
Art-work: copyright Disney.


MirandaPen said...

It's like a mythical fantasy land. What a cool concept.

Matt Hunter Ross said...

I still can't believe this concept wasn't followed up on. Seems like a great fit for WDW AK. Do you know who did these renderings - specifically, The Quest for the Unicorn image? thx alain

Anonymous said...

They used to have a boat ride at AK that went past a cave where a blast of fire was shot at you. The docks are still there.